A Scientific Prayer Practitioner offers distance or in-person healing treatments to help resolve issues in the mind and body.  A Practitioner (or Metaphysician) does not perform spells or send a specific type of healing energy, like Reiki, to another person. Rather, he or she is trained to connect with the Higher Consciousness that encompasses everyone, and through that, spiritually “realize”, or remind the patient of their wholeness: the true state of being. This can cause a shift in consciousness of the patient, which in effect will manifest a change outward into the visible life experience.

This is also known as the Jesus Christ method of healing.

The effectiveness of a New Thought treatment depends on two factors, the first being the Practitioner’s ability to see God in the individual, and the patient’s willingness to accept it into their consciousness.

I have been offering Practitioner treatments in the New Thought tradition since 2006.  As well as being trained/ordained by the IMM, I am a prayer chaplain through the Unity Church of Christianity and a Divine Science Practitioner.

IMM Practitioner Certificate

Please fill out the form below to request a treatment.  A standard distance scientific prayer treatment only takes a few minutes and is done at the convenience of the Practitioner.  There is no charge for this.  If you feel that you would benefit from an in-depth treatment (20+ minutes) or a scheduled regimen of weekly work, please consider making a donation for the time and energy involved.

A major difference between New Thought and Christian Science is that we accept the assistance of modern medicine in addition to healing prayer treatments, therefore, they are not a substitute for medical care but an addition to it.

When making your request, you do not have to include a message, but if you choose to list an aspect of God that you would like to be more realized in your life, such as health, prosperity, patience, etc.  There is no need to go into detail regarding your situation, as this is not a counseling session, and the job of the distance Metaphysical Practitioner is only to visualize the presence of God in the individual.  Please consider attaching a photo to aid in the visualization process.  You will receive a reply email within three days letting you know the treatment was completed, and with a personalized affirmation for you to work with.

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