Christian Healing by Charles Fillmore

by Charles Fillmore
Unity School of Christianity


Lesson One
The True Character of Being
Statements for the Realization of Divine Mind

Lesson Two
Being’s Perfect Idea
Statements for the Realization of the Son of God

Lesson Three
“I AM” Realizations

Lesson Four
The Formative Power of Thought
Affirmations for Right Thinking

Lesson Five
How to Control Thought
Cleansing and Purifying Statements

Lesson Six
The Word
The Power of Words

Lesson Seven
Spirituality or Prayer and Praise
Living Words to Quicken Spirituality
Establishing the Perfect Substance

Lesson Eight
Faith Affirmations

Lesson Nine
Perfection in Form Established

Lesson Ten
Will and Understanding
The Establishment of Will and Understanding

Lesson Eleven
Judgment and Justice
Judgment and Justice Statements

Lesson Twelve
Love Demonstrated

Study Helps and Questions

* * * * *

Christian Healing Free Ebook by Charles Fillmore

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