Chapter 13 – Music and Healing – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 13

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

THE healing power of music, which is heralded as a modern discovery by those who are practicing it in hospitals, is not new. The fact is, this method of healing has always been recognized and practiced, the most striking illustration being the universal lullabies which mothers, civilized and savage, sing to soothe their tired children. In every nation, and in every tongue, the lullaby has its place. We assume that every child has been harmonized mentally and physically by the mother’s song, however crude that song may have been.

Harmonious Ideas

Metaphysicians have discovered that a harmonious arrangement of ideas in mind produces harmony in body; that within the five avenues of expression, called the senses, there are certain thoughts that can be adjusted one to another. The mind and body can be filled with such harmony that a song of joy springs forth without volition. This relation is governed by an exact science, and works out the same way every time.

The relation is similar to the mathematical accuracy which governs the arrangement of tones in musical harmony. Ideas, mathematics, and music are related. When the mind understands that relation and applies it the harmony called health follows.

Pythagoras went to Egypt, and stayed there twenty-one years learning occultism. When he returned to his home, he preached some strange doctrines. He said that man and the whole universe were created as a musical production.

Musical Vibration

If dry sand is placed on a plate and a violin bow is drawn across the plate, the sand will arrange itself in symmetrical forms. Probably the earth took form from the harmonious vibrations of the Word, and it may be that God is singing the universe into expression this moment.

The most wonderful music box in the world is man’s body. There are reeds and bellows and pipes. The whole physical organism seems to have for its purpose the production of sweet sounds. Who can tell what he may do when all his forces are brought into play and he knows how to control them properly?

When the faculties are in spiritual harmony, music flows from man as naturally as the brook murmurs in cadence or Niagara roars in organ tones. A free, unburdened mind naturally expresses itself in some sort of music; for example, the whistling boy.

A poet says that the man who has no music in his soul is fit for treason, stratagem, and spoils. It is universally observed that people who live on the seamy side of life seldom express themselves in song. An employer of wide experience once said that he always trusted the man who hummed or whistled at his work.

Seven Tones

God is the universal Spirit of harmony. Man is the offspring of that Spirit. We have seven centers that correspond to the seven tones of the musical scale. When these seven tones are in harmony, like an aeolian harp the Spirit plays tones in your body if you will study them.

In the head is intelligence. It is “do.” I AM is the keynote. Next is power, then come love, substance, order, life, strength. Each of these has a ganglionic center in the body. It makes a great difference how you play on them. If you believe in weakness and failure, your voice will express that belief. You have let go of your power center. How may you key it up? By going to the Source of power, and affirming your oneness with it. Declare that you have power to express in all its fullness your Christ mastery and dominion. Think of all the power of the universe centered at your throat. Sing songs of victory. Raise your voice in praise, and you will lift your whole organism into high, harmonious spiritual radiation.

When you know this law, you will know just how to tone up your body. When thoughts are making it lax or tense so that it cannot sound forth divine harmony, you can speak the true, freeing, toning-up word, and put yourself in tune, within and without.

Spirit of Music

The spirit of music is within all of us. When we have developed and brought it forth; when the quickening, harmonizing life has entered the physical, by the union of God with man, then we will realize that there is a power in us which will produce harmony. And harmony is health.

So we see that the body is a musical instrument, meant to give forth the harmony of Divine Mind. It must therefore be kept in tune with the Infinite. We need to learn how to put it in tune, keep it in tune, and how to play upon it, and this is all done by right thinking and right speaking. Thinking in wisdom produces harmony of mind and grace of body. All discord is produced by ignorant, unwise thoughts and words.

Healing by Music

In time, probably, there will be schools of healing based on music, where patients will be taught how to center themselves in the harmonious Christ mind. The body will then respond, for it is mind, has its foundation in mind, lives in mind, and is moved upon by mind. The more we think about the great pulsating, universal life, the more we shall express it.

We may apply music in every department of life. The body is not only a musical instrument, it is also the composition. You are constantly composing as well as playing.

As you come into the harmony of Divine Mind, you will be able to play above and below the staff, and your ear will be quickened far beyond its present range of hearing. You will hear, not only the music of the spheres, but you will be able to discern musical tones in what now seems to be merely noise. The whir of the dynamo is the music of a bass viol; in the traffic of the street you will catch a deep musical tone, and when you are in perfect harmony in thought, you will hear music everywhere.

Time and Music

As time in music is merely a measure of pulsations, so years are measures of events. Time, therefore, being but a measure, is under your control. You can diminish or increase the movement at will. You can crowd into one year experiences that will make it seem like a hundred. This understanding that you are not in bondage to time, but that you control it, gives you a sense of freedom and your life’s music will have fuller and better expression. You will not play mechanically, but your soul will be free to express its own harmony.

Bring harmony into your life by singing and praising. Everybody should play and sing. We should rejoice in the divine harmony. We should sing songs of joy and of love and of peace and of the unity of the Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the supreme Man expressed.

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