Chapter 28 – Fulfillment – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 28

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

JESUS Christ was the product of a cycle of human development that was before our present cycle of development. We revel in speculating about the history of His soul’s unfoldment and the true reason why He was so far in advance of our time.

When the soul of the race became involved in the pleasures of sensation and sought other guidance than that of Jehovah God, gradual degeneration of the whole human family began until men were in a bad way. Something had to be done. Someway, somehow we had to be lifted out of the murky darkness of sense thought. Jesus Christ provided and provides today the greatest impetus to the ongoing of our race.

Scientific understanding of His great truths thrills the soul with the desire for spiritual attainment, with a longing for spiritual fulfillment. Many persons proudly acknowledge Him and claim His promises.

When here on earth, through His mastery of spiritual laws of which we today have only an inkling, He performed many seeming miracles. Think of the condition in those times of a body that had been dead for four days! Imagine Jesus thanking God that His petition had been heard and then speaking the word of life to one who had lain in the grave for this length of time. Then imagine this person instantly being charged with new life. Imagine great streams of life flowing through his every cell and fiber until he came walking out of the tomb, restored to perfect health. Imagine Jesus in the consciousness of perfect unity with God speaking the healing word to many “sick unto death” and each one instantly throwing off the disease and coming forward sound and well.


To lift the race out of sense thought Jesus was compelled by the necessity of soul sympathy to become an intimate associate of the people. He sought to help. Hence He incarnated into the race and was “in every respect tempted as we are, yet without sinning.” He revealed that we are children of the same Father as He. He is our Elder Brother, our helper. We are His people, and He is interested in our progress.

Jesus proclaimed: “I am the light of the world.” “You are the light of the world.” When He spoke thus He was speaking of this inner light which gives life and intelligence to all creation.

The development of spiritual light is the destiny of us all. We shall not be satisfied until we “awake in His likeness.” All are radiant in a certain degree with this spiritual light, but especially those who have an understanding of Spirit and its universality. We feel the light and sometimes mentally see it flashing into expression when we have a spiritual uplift gained from a new idea of Truth. Some feel its influence and are moved to higher things by it; or if it is radiating gloomily, they are moved to depression and discouragement.


Through Jesus’ experience on the Cross, where His precious blood was spilled, through His suffering there He lowered His consciousness to the consciousness of the race, thereby administering to the whole race a blood transfusion, imparting to both the soul and the body of men the properties of Being that will restore man to his divine estate. Thus, we are on the way to fulfillment and the Jesus Christ way!

Jesus Christ broadcast the electrons of His blood into the race thought atmosphere and they may be apprehended by all who believe in Him. These electrons become centers of energy and life in those who appropriate them. Thus, men gradually transform and regenerate their blood and their body. This is the real spiritual meaning of being saved by Jesus Christ. The blood is the life. Jesus really came to bring to the whole human family a larger consciousness of life.

Life is a universal energy that moves even the corpuscles of the blood. Therefore life is more powerful than the blood. Consequently we believe that it was through the “shedding,” the getting rid, of the idea of flesh and blood that Jesus accomplished His great works. He tapped the great reservoir of divine life and raised His consciousness of life to that of the Father.

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is God’s covenant with mankind, through His perfect idea, Christ Jesus. This compact was completed through Jesus’ breaking the bread and blessing the cup. The bread symbolizes spiritual substance, or the body, and we drink His blood by affirming and realizing our oneness with the one divine, omnipresent life of Spirit.

Through Jesus Christ we all have access to this perpetual life stream. We must really eat of His substance, as He taught us; that is, we must appropriate it as spiritually ours. We must drink of His blood: let His life stream flow through our mind and body, healing, cleansing, and purifying us in every way. This is the grand at-one-ment of man’s life and with the life of God through Jesus Christ. This is the way to perfect fulfillment.


The man who wants the inner life to spring forth must believe in the reality of the omnipresent spiritual life and must exercise his faith by invoking in prayer the presence of the invisible but omnipresent God. This reveals to consciousness the glory of Spirit, and the soul has witness of itself of a power that it knew not.

In Spirit all things are fulfilled now. The moment a concept enters the mind, the thing conceived is consummated through the law that governs the action of ideas. The spiritual-minded take advantage of this law and affirm the completeness of this ideal, regardless of outer appearances. This stimulates the energy in the thought process and gives it power beyond estimate.

I AM Action

The soul in conscious touch with the Father-Mind and striving to fulfill the divine law brings the power of true words to bear in the purifying cleansing of its faculties. The necessity of abiding in the I AM in order to bear much fruit is affirmed. When our faith attaches itself to outer things, instead of the spiritual I AM, it ceases to draw vitality from the one and only source of life, divine Principle.

The only door to this life is the I AM. This abiding is a conscious centering of the mind in the depths within us by means of repeated affirmations of our faith and trust in it. This day-by-day repeating of affirmations finally opens a channel of intelligent communication with the silent forces at the depths of Being; thoughts and words flow forth from there, and an entirely new source of power is developed in the man.

When the thought or “word” of Truth from the supreme I AM of consciousness becomes an abiding fact in our mind, we need no longer strive in external ways. We have but to express a deep desire in the soul and it is fulfilled.


The consciousness that we have fulfilled the divine law in both thought and act is the Sabbath. It has nothing to do with any day of the week. God did not make days and weeks, nor has He darkened His clear concepts of Truth by the element of time. Time is an invention of the human.

The true Sabbath is that state of mind in which we rest from outer thought and doings, and give ourselves up to meditation or to the study of things spiritual. It is when we enter into the stillness of our inner consciousness, think about God and His law, and commune with Him. It is a state of mind that man enters or acquires when he goes into the silence of his own soul, into the realm of Spirit. There he finds true rest and peace, a perfect stage of one’s spiritual unfoldment.

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