Chapter 3 – Creation – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 3

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

The Key

On every hand men are earnestly seeking to know about God, and the origin of both the universe and themselves. They have probed with more or less success nearly every secret of nature, but of the origin of life they know comparatively nothing. A right understanding of Divine Mind is the one and only logical key. When man clearly discerns the science of Mind, he will solve easily all the mysteries of creation. To understand the creation of the universe by God, we must know something of the character of God.

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is known as the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Metaphysically, we understand the Trinity to refer to mind, idea, and expression, or thinker, thought, and action. These three are one fundamental Mind in its three creative aspects.


Father is first in the Trinity. Father is Being in the absolute, the unlimited, the unrelated. He is the Source, Origin, Essence, Root, Principle, Law, Spirit, All-Good, Creator of all. Father is the name of the all-encompassing Mind, everywhere present, forever accessible. The universal Principle of Being (Elohim God) designed all creation. Elohim is God in His capacity as creative power. Create means ideate. Elohim creates the spiritual idea which is afterward made manifest. God created not the earth as it appears but that which produced the earth.


The second in the Trinity is the Son. It is called Jehovah {Lord} in the Old Testament and Christ in the New Testament. The Son of God is the fullness of the perfect-man idea in Divine Mind. He is the man that God created in His image. The Son is Principle revealed in a creative plan. He is that which proceeds from, is begotten of the Father, like Him in nature, and essentially all that the Father is. The Son ever exists in God. Father and Son are one and are omnipresent in the universe.


Christ is the one and only complete ideal man in the mind of the everywhere present God, the “only Son” of God. He is the divine-idea man. He is all divine ideas, such as intelligence, life, love, substance, and so forth. In the architect’s mind there may be one masterpiece, but that masterpiece is the sum of all the beautiful ideas that have come to his mind. Christ is the cosmic or Grand Man of the universe. Christ is the name of the all-loving Mind.

The Word

The Son is also called the Logos, the Word, the anointed One, and the I AM. He is the living Word. The Logos is the Word of God; the divine archetype ideas that contains all ideas. This supreme idea is the creative power formulated by universal Principle. The law of the Logos is the law of divine creation. It produces the order and harmony of perfect thought. Law puts first things first. It is a rule of action. An understanding of the Logos reveals to us the law under which all things are brought forth, the law of mind action. Divine Mind creates by thought, through ideas.

I Am

The Son is the I AM identity of Being. I AM is eternal, without beginning or ending: the true spiritual man whom God made. Its home is in the realm of God ideals.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is just what the name implies, the whole Spirit of God in action. It is God’s word in movement: the working, moving, breathing, brooding Spirit. Holy Spirit is the all-active manifestation. It is the executive power of both Father and Son, carrying out the creative plan. The Holy Spirit is the law of God in action; in that action He appears as having individuality. It is the personality of Being. It is neither the all of Being nor the fullness of Christ, but is an emanation, or breath, sent forth to do a definite work. Creation is carried forward through the activity of the Holy Spirit.

Creative Process

Creation is the original plan of an idea in Divine Mind. In the creative process Divine Mind ideates itself. God creates and moves creation through the power of Mind, through His idea or word, the universal creative vehicle. The vehicles of Mind are thoughts (ideas). God is thinking the universe into manifestation right now. Creation takes place through the operation of the Logos. The creations of the Logos are always spiritual, permanent, and incorruptible. The creative processes of Mind are continuously operative; creation is going on all the time, but the original plan, the design of Divine Mind, is finished. The processes of Mind enter into all creations. God is eternally in His creation and never separate from it. Wherever there is evidence of creative action, there God is. His avenues of expression run in every direction.

Creative Law

The order of creation is from the formless to the formed, from the invisible to the visible. This goes on perpetually and there is never a beginning or an ending to the process. The law of divine creation is perfect order and harmony. God cannot create without law. God is the Mind force carrying forward creation under law. First is Mind; then the idea Mind; then the materialization of the idea. Apart from Mind nothing can be done. Creative intelligence forever up-builds God’s universe.

Involution and Evolution

All of God’s works are created in Mind as perfect ideas. He creates the ideas that form the things. The starting point of every form is an idea. This is involution. Then the ideas are made into form and shape. This is evolution. Evolution is the working out in manifestation of what Mind has involved. Whatever Mind commands to be brought forth will be brought forth by and through the law of evolution inherent in Being. This applies to the great and the small. In Mind there is but one.


God-Mind expresses His ideas perfectly, so that there is no occasion for them to change. He images His ideas definitely and in every detail. Divine idealism is God’s standard of perfection. The ideal is continually pouring itself into its creation and lifting it high and yet higher. Divine motherhood is the brooding, nourishing element of Divine Mind in which spiritual ideals are brought to fruition. The idea is the directing and controlling power. It precedes the fulfillment.

Ideation Formed

Ideas are productive and bring forth after their kind. Every idea has a specific function to perform. Every idea makes a structure after its own image and likeness, and all such ideas and structures are grouped and associated according to their offices. All things rest on ideas. The idea back of the flower is beauty. The idea back of music is harmony. The idea back of day is light or the dispensation of intelligence.

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