Chapter 31 – Golden Snowflakes – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 31

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

Behold, what God hath wrought!

An ideal man, a mighty man–

A man supreme, who thought by thought

Must demonstrate what God hath wrought.

Hard experiences come into our life because we do not know the law of harmonious thinking.

All economic, social, and personal trouble can be traced back to selfishness.

One who tries to establish self-control through will power and suppression never accomplishes permanent results.

Time is the measure that man gives to passing events.

There is but one way to establish harmony in the home, and that is to establish it first in the individual.

No one has the right to dictate what another shall do.

The cause of all accidents lies in sense consciousness. To be free from all accidents, we must raise our consciousness, so that it is spiritually positive and Christlike. Then we shall attract only good.

The greatest disintegrating element in human consciousness is resistance.

Instead of giving up to circumstances and outer events we should remember that we are all very close to a kingdom of mind that would make us always happy and successful if we would cultivate it and make it and its laws a vital part of our life.

Man is a duality in seeming only. He is a unit when he knows himself.

The belief that God makes men do certain things cannot be true in a single instance, because, if it were, man would not be a free agent.

God has chosen each of us as a medium for the expression of Himself.

There are times when it is to our own spiritual benefit and to God’s glory to keep things concealed and, like Mary, to ponder them in our heart until due time for expression.

Christianity is the science of eternal life.

The great object of man’s existence in planetary consciousness is to build a body after the ideals given by the Lord.

Our consciousness is our real environment.

God is not jealous as men count jealousy, but He is jealous of principle, from which no lapses are tolerated.

It is the law of Spirit that we must be that which we would draw to us.

Spiritual beauty is the loveliness of God beheld in His creations by the eye of man.

Cause and effect are the balance wheel of the universe.

Marriage should be a perpetual feast of love, and so it would be if the laws of love were observed.

No one ever attained spiritual consciousness without striving for it.

One must give up personal attachments before one can receive the universal.

A wish is a superficial expression of desire, and is only fleeting.

Instead of fighting modern science the new Christianity welcomes its discoveries as proofs of the veritable existence of the kingdom of the heavens that Jesus taught so persistently.

Any system that suppresses the will is radically wrong.

The soul is progressive. It must go forward. It must meet and overcome its limitations.

The buoyancy and joy of youth should be cultivated enthusiastically as the years advance.

All food is primarily mental, and in the process of digestion and assimilation it becomes part of the body structure, making cells like itself in character.

Seeming failure is often a steppingstone to something higher.

Restlessness cannot be satisfied by change of climate or environment or by travel or by any other outward change. Only by man’s finding his center in God can restlessness and discontent be satisfied.

In order to realize Truth and to demonstrate it you must live it.

Every adverse situation can be used as a spur to urge one to greater exertion and the ultimate attainment of some ideal that has lain dormant in the subconsciousness.

Every man who accomplishes things sees first in his mind what he wishes to do.

What you now comprehend is not the ultimate of your ability in any direction.

The End

* * * * *

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