Chapter 7 – The Spoken Word – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 7

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

IN PURE metaphysics there is but one word, the Word of God. This is the original creative Word, or thought, of Being. In the original it includes wisdom, judgment, power, and all the inherent potentialities of Being.

Divine Mind creates under law; that is, mental law. First is mind, then the idea in mind of what the act shall be, then the act itself. In Divine Mind the idea is referred to as the Word.

Man is the consummation of the Word. The perfect Word of God is Spiritual Man. It is through Spiritual Man that all things are made. There is but one idea of man in Divine Mind. That idea is the perfect pattern of man’s character.

As an imitator of Divine Mind, man has power to form and make manifest whatsoever he idealizes. Unless his thoughts are unified with Divine Mind and guided in their operations by infinite wisdom, his thought forms are perishable.

Surroundings and Thought Vibrations

The self of man is spiritual. When it is in direct conscious unity with the Father-Mind it has permanent formative power. Even in his ignorant use of thought, man’s mind is forming conditions, even to the changing of the face of nature itself. Every thought that goes forth from the brain sends vibrations into the surrounding atmosphere and moves the realm of things to action. The effect is in proportion to the ability of the thinker to concentrate his mental forces.

The average thought vibration produces but temporary results. Under intense mind activity, conditions more or less permanent are impressed upon the sensitive plate of the universal. Through this activity they are brought into physical manifestation.

Spoken Word

Every idea originating in Divine Mind is expressed in the mind of man. Through the thought of man the Divine Mind idea is brought to the outer plane of consciousness. Through movement on what is termed the conscious, or most outer, plane of action, the thought takes expression as the spoken word. There is in the formed conscious man, or body, a point of concentration for this word. Through this point the word is expressed in invisible vibrations.

Following the creative law in its operation from the formless to the formed, we can see how an idea fundamental in Divine is grasped by the man ego, how it takes form in his thought, and how it is later expressed through the spoken word. If man conformed to the divine law, his word would make things instantly. He has lost, in a measure, knowledge of the steps in the creative process from the within to the without.

The mental emanation and the creative word are the forces that stimulate the receptive intelligence of nature. When we believe what we hear, there is formed in us the substance of the word.

Words and Zeal

Words of Truth from a zealous man possess dynamic power to heal and bless because the spiritual man enters into them. This is why they move multitudes and are not stayed by conditions of time. When the zone of Spirit, from which healing words emanate, is unobstructed, they feed the souls of men and are creative as well as re-creative.

This is why the sayings of the prophets and mystics have such enduring qualities. They are attached by invisible currents of life to the one Great Spirit. They have within them the germ of perfect wholeness that keeps them perpetually increasing.

The true prophet of God does not even have to write his words down. He may speak them and through their own inherent power of perpetuation and growth they will find their way into the minds of men to uplift and heal. Jesus did not write a line except in the sand, yet His words are treasured today as the most precious that we have.

Living Words

The word of Truth has life in it. It has power to restore and make whole. It cannot perish or grow less with the changes that come with the fleeting years. The more spiritual the individual is who gives forth the words the more enduring they are, and the more powerfully the words move men the more surely they awaken them to their divine nature.

The words of Jesus were given to common people–according to the world’s standard–by a carpenter in a remote corner of the earth. Yet these words have moved men for more than nineteen hundred years to realize, to dare, and to do as no other words that were ever uttered.

The Inner Word

Jesus spoke in terms of that inner Word which creates all things. He knew that His words were vivified with a life essence and a moving power that would demonstrate the truth of His statement.

These words have rung through the souls of men and set them afire with God’s Spirit throughout the ages. This is because they are spiritual words, words that have within them the seeds of a divine life, of a perfect wholeness. They grow in the minds of all who give them place.

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