Chapter 7 – Joyous Prayer – Teach Us To Pray

Chapter 7

Charles Fillmore
Teach Us To Pray

THERE are vibrations in space that our men of science have not yet discerned or measured. These undiscovered quantities are related to the Mind of Being and must be apprehended through the unfolding in man of supermind faculties. When the trained Christian metaphysician prays he can, with a disciplined consciousness, make contact with these forces in the ether and through them gain a certain unity with the Mind of Being. The consciousness thus attained is usually designated as the Christ consciousness or the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ. When the union is attained an increase in spiritual power is felt and one has the assurance of the activity of spiritual principles within of which one has had hitherto no awareness.

But no man yet knows all of life’s joys, nor will he until he has come into the full understanding of spiritual communion with God. No man knows the fullness of life, nor its joys, until he has prayed in meekness and thanksgiving and has received the sweet, pure realizations of Jesus Christ. True and lasting joy arises from within. The nature of the deep inner life is revealed only to those who spiritually penetrate into its source.

Would you feed the soul on the joys of the scientific Christian? If you would you must realize them and give thanks in prayer for the more abundant life. Then you will find that a great subconscious well of living water will begin to bubble up in your soul, and you will come to know that hitherto you have been living in the shallows of life instead of in its mighty depths. You will be blessed with a knowledge of the unity of all things, and a great peace and harmony will well up within.

Man must know spiritual harmony, and therein is the source of a great secret. Musical geniuses say that they first hear their compositions before they are given outer form. Poets clothe in words and give local habitation and a name to what to the practical mind seems airy nothings.

Pythagoras, the ancient philosopher, wrote that God was singing the universe into expression and that the suns and planets were the musical notes on a grand universal staff. Shakespeare in “The Merchant of Venice” had one of his characters say:

“How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!

Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music

Creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night

Become the touches of sweet harmony.

Sit, Jessica. Look how the floor of heaven

Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold:

There’s not the smallest orb which thou behold’st

But in his motion like an angel sings,

Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins;

Such harmony is in immortal souls;

But whilst this muddy vesture of decay

Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it.”

The realization of God as a great wooing, all-knowing presence, an everywhere present sustaining strength, wherein each man functions and works out his own salvation is to be established in a mighty stronghold that fortifies us against all adverse beliefs.

It is said that on the ocean of life a joyful man makes a good sailor. This is true. The strong, joyful nature will make its way where others fall by the wayside. Joy, spiritual joy, is ours by divine right, and buoys us up and urges us onward to accomplishment.

It is impossible to found a lasting stronghold within on anything less than the understanding that God is a God of joy. It is through our realization of this truth that we drink heartily of the wine of life. Often even during serene, yes, sober moments, the inner man, the inner woman, is athrill with some newborn, joyful anticipation. In prayer every high realization that comes to us is to strengthen us for greater achievements.

And when we pray, let us pray with a purpose. Purpose gives life a real meaning. Purpose gives joy and zest to living. When our eye is on the goal we are not so easily perturbed. Purpose awakens new trains of thought; purpose directs these trains of thought into new fields of achievement. Really to succeed we must have some great purpose in mind, some goal toward which we are to work. But above all, we must always purpose in our heart to achieve spiritually.

As we study the one great Presence and Power, we come to know that there is no chapter in our life that is such a failure but has back of it a grand purpose, which purpose must eventually somewhere, somehow work itself out in a most ennobling manner, well pleasing in the sight of God.

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