Chapter 1 – Myrtle Fillmore – Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters

Chapter 1
Myrtle Fillmore
Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters


You see, dear, we just feel rather modest–really we haven’t much to say, as to when the work was started, and how it was done! We just received from the Father some ideas that proved wonderfully helpful in our own family; then we shared them with others, and they too were helped. Since those of like faith are drawn together, we soon found ourselves in a little society, which was formed for the study of Truth and the practice of its ideas. We grew. After a time it seemed that the other folks went their various ways, and only we were left to continue what we felt to be important enough to develop and to devote ourselves to. Unity School unfolded and continued to grow.

We have never cared to interest folks in our own lives. It makes no difference to others what we have done, who we are. What is important is that we are doing what the Father has given us to do, according to our best light. And if we have something that others want or that will help them–spiritual ideas and their radiance–we are glad to share it. If others wish to receive, all right; if not, because of what they may term our personal limitations, that is all right too. We are not trying to interest folks in the School, but in the ideas of the Christ Mind, which we feel to be the foundation of the work, and our standard of life.

But, dear, I feel you are crowning me with an honor that belongs to the Holy Spirit–which is omnipresent, and which expresses in the loving desires of the hearts of all those who are endeavoring to manifest the Mother side of God! You call me the mother of Unity! Well, now, I know of nothing that would give me greater joy than to feel that God could work so perfectly through me as to bring forth a great ministry and a place of peace and goodwill and health such as this [Unity School] is. But in reality, I feel that I am only the soul who caught the first vision of this ministry, and who nurtured that vision until others came along to help in the establishment of it in the minds and hearts of our dear ones, and to help in the molding in substance the outer forms of this school and its work.

It is my great joy to perceive somewhat of the mother side of God–the divine love that never fails and that is equal to the drawing of souls to itself. It is my prayer to be able to radiate the qualities of this divine love to all. You too are the mother of Unity, because in your heart you have the same ideals, and the same great generous spirit, and the endless and tireless service, and the love that never fails! The mother of Unity is the universal mother. How happy we are, to represent this mother!

You may never have suspected it, but the Unity work is a dream that has been nurtured and built from the invisible to the concrete through love, devotion, and good, hard work. It may never have occurred to you that my husband and I have put ourselves into this thing which God has given us to do without personal returns beyond our “daily bread” and clothing. I work here every day, and receive a salary, just as several hundred other workers do. I think a very capable businessman or woman would not consider working for this salary. But it meets my personal needs; and usually I have a little each week with which to do what my heart prompts.

We are helping all who come our way to unite with us in the study of the Truth that enables each one to bring forth sufficient supply for daily needs, and to make good use of all the riches of God here in the earth as well as in the heavens of mind.

I am glad to offer you the testimony that we have proved that God can and will prosper the work that the Holy Spirit prompts. As the needs of other branches of our work have arisen, we have let them be known, and the supply and the necessary help have come forth. But we have always had to launch out on faith without visible evidence of the ultimate success. We know that God is in His work, and that it is the Spirit of God operative in a given service that provides whatever is required in doing that work.

I was once an emaciated little woman, upon whom relatives and doctors had placed the stamp “T.B.” [tuberculosis]. And this was only one of the ailments–there were others considered beyond help, except possibly the changing of structures through an operation. There were family problems too. We were a sickly lot, and came to the place where we were unable to provide for our children. In the midst of all this gloom, we kept looking for the way out, which we felt sure would be revealed. It was! The light of God revealed to us–the thought came to me first–that life was of God, that we were inseparably one with the Source, and that we inherited from the divine and perfect Father. What that revelation did to me at first was not apparent to the senses. But it held my mind above negation, and I began to claim my birthright and to act as though I believed myself the child of God, filled with His life. I gained. Others saw that there was something new in me. They asked me to share it. I did. Others were healed, and began to study. My husband continued his business, and at first took little interest in what I was doing. But after a time he became absorbed in the study of Truth too. We consecrated ourselves to the Lord, and kept doing daily that which we felt led to do. We began to prosper, a little at a time, and our health continued to improve. Life became sweeter and more interesting, and we began to see a new world. In all these years, our interest has not lagged, and we have continued to enjoy the unfoldment of God’s plan in our lives.

I’m going to tell you a secret: I don’t get to keep house as much as I should like. I’m not supposed to have time for it–folks demand so much of my time. So I have a woman to keep house for us. But do you know, I like to carry the dishes away from the table at the close of the meal; and make a nice hot suds and wash the dishes, wipe them, and put them away in nice rows in the china closet! So if sometimes you find yourself doing work that isn’t supposed to be desirable, remember that there are other good folks doing the same sort of work, and that still others would like to be doing it, even though circumstances have placed them at something else. Whatever you undertake, do it the very best you can. Folks will note your good work, and soon you will be given more important positions. Show the Father that you are ready to do your best, and He will keep increasing your ability and will place you where you will be blessed and where your work will bless others.

I often think that we are all in too much of a rush, trying to do too much, and failing to discern and do the things that would mean most. So much that we think and do, surely, would not be done by one in the Jesus Christ consciousness. So much that we think we need would not be desired by one conscious of the spiritual resources.

Indeed, I have felt in a strange land and longing for familiar landmarks! When I feel such a hungering, I try to draw very close to God and rest in the assurance that all is well. I know that God would not have me struggle with unknown things, or talk of that which I have not proved. I realize that that which God would have me do God inspires in me, that it is very easy to do God’s will, and that when I thus conduct myself, a great peace and friendliness comes and abides.

We must have quiet and opportunity for inward searching, for we must go beyond what we have heretofore attained. There is nothing in hearsay or in observation or in the evidence of the senses, apart from spiritual discernment, that can take us beyond our present footing.

Know this, dear, that I know I must be beautiful within, and in my fellowship with others, and in my sharing with them the good things of life if I am to become beautiful without. Anything that makes me have the feeling of selfishness cannot result in more beauty to me. Anything that awakens in me the loving desire to have others happy and adorned with beautiful things, and anything that helps me to express this loving desire in my living is sure to bring forth its fruit in my life. Now, I am sure that you understand, and approve my passing on to another the use of the beautiful gift that you with so much love sent to me. You did mean for me to use it in the way it would give me most joy, didn’t you?

I was very religiously trained and suffered a lot from the theology taught of a God who in truth is loving. But I am rejoicing in the doctrine of our wise and loving heavenly Father who chooses that none shall perish but that all shall have eternal life.

One more word: I think you are trying to give me too much credit for your poise, happiness, and success! Of course I am happy to have been privileged to write to you and pray with you and rejoice with you over demonstrations. But I know that it is God in the midst of you doing His perfect work who is responsible for the good.

You ask what restored me to vigorous health. It was a change of mind from the old, carnal mind that believes in sickness to the Christ Mind of life and permanent health. “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Rom. 12:2). “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7 A.V.). I applied spiritual laws effectively, blessing my body temple until it manifested the innate health of Spirit. These wonderful laws will work for you too when you apply them diligently and in faith.

I smiled as I read about the state of your finances. I’ll tell you a little about mine! I am on salary, just as other Unity folks are. Sometimes I have a very definite place for all my allowance, before I even begin on my individual needs. Sometimes I am obliged to draw upon the Fillmore account in order to do something I feel to be important. Usually when I find myself “strapped,” someone who doesn’t know the facts will send me a love gift. Last week I handed out about all I could get my hands on and was looking for more, because I had places for it. This morning a letter came from a woman to whom I have written a few times, but whom I haven’t seen, in which there was a check for me for two hundred dollars. There was no apparent reason for her sending it; evidently she and the Lord were aware of my use of money and replenished my purse in that happy way. The money I had sent forth came back multiplied; I can replace the amount I drew out and still have plenty of “pin money.”

I confess that I haven’t always looked at people and their work, and their abilities as I now do. There was a time when I felt I must go back to old ways to earn money to meet pressing needs. But my faith and the faith of those who could see a little further than I helped to hold me steadfast. I reasoned that my past experiences had not been satisfying, that I could at least turn my mind to new ideas and give them a thorough trial. I determined to use my ability in the manner that seemed to meet the needs of persons who came my way. I had little proofs that I was using a law and that there was substance and life backing me and coming forth at my command.

While it may be that this work in which we are engaged is something that we began in another life–and it doubtless is a science that the universal Christ Mind is pouring forth through us–we do know that the same mind and the same law is in all and operative for all. We know that faith and understanding and the determination to live according to the Creator’s plan will bring forth whatever is needed, and will do this for everyone who puts his or her trust fully in the Father.

From our experience we find it wise not to talk too much about what we are discovering and using–except to those who come to us for it. We know that it is not wise or profitable to call attention to differences, not even in an effort to explain our point. If we were to go into other churches or classes, we should endeavor to avoid points of difference or apparent contradictions. We should look for all points on which to agree, and praise the other’s faith and good works. We should talk on subjects that intuition made us to know others were interested in. We should not stamp our faith “Unity” or stress points of doctrine. We should keep to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, as the source of our light and the application of His teaching as the way of life. We should give God the glory for any and all good in our lives, and emphasize the Truth that it is God’s working in and through us that does the transforming. We should not, however, be disturbed about the prejudice of those who feel that they must shut out the undesirable. When we began our study and work, we might have had only a handful of friends–if we had thought to look about us and count them. We no doubt would have met with objections from churches if we had given them opportunity to object. But now–well, we just haven’t the time to meet and enjoy all the thousands of good friends, hundreds of whom are ministers, who find our work safe and our literature food for thought. You will find that if you love folks and live happily among them, they will love you. If you do not try to change them or give them what they have no knowledge of wanting, they will not show resistance or resentment. If you do not in your attitude or inference show disapproval of their beliefs or ways, they will tear down their walls of opposition and indifference and after a while show interest in what you have.

No one wants to feel that what he has and has been depending on is false and unreliable; but all want to add to the treasures they now have, and all will in time drop the worthless pebbles for the precious gems, when they have awakened to the difference. Rather than feel that you must “stand up for Truth if it is ridiculed,” let the Truth in you stand for itself. How can a thing be ridiculed, really? If one who knows the Truth and takes no account of evil keeps poised and loving, that is proof enough. One who speaks an untruth or is mistaken in his judgments has the Christ Mind within him to correct him. You do not need to do this. Leave it with Him. And why compare Unity with other teachings? This is not the Unity way. Unless some earnest soul comes to you for an explanation or light on some point, it is better to let others form their own conclusions. Adverse states of mind are built through some sort of contradiction or lack of understanding–and of course they can but contradict that which would set them at naught. Those who don’t know Jesus, the Son of God manifest in the individual, will perhaps contradict the principles embodied. But what of this? The day will come when all adverse states of mind will give way to the light of Truth. If you have the poise to keep still when unbelief is talking, the day will come when you will be intrusted by the Father with speaking or doing that which will reveal Jesus Christ indwelling. Pray for understanding for yourself. Get all your faculties and powers awake and working in perfect harmony with the Christ pattern. You will be busy enough without bothering about what others are doing.

I smile as I think of your wanting to sit at my feet, when you are in touch with the fount of all wisdom and understanding power and life and love and substance! Your indwelling Christ is beginning to find you receptive, and you will grow by leaps and bounds. Never again be sad or give way to thoughts of what might have been! God is eternal, unchanging good, and you have access to all that God is and has. There’s a Bible promise that will help you to know that what may seem lost is not so in reality, and that the opportunities and blessings that seem gone will return just as fast as you are ready for them. “I will restore to you the years which the swarming locust has eaten,” saith Jehovah (Job 2:25). All that has been destroyed, neglected, or lost through lack of understanding or foolishness or false pride or ambition can and will be brought forth as present good just as rapidly as you grow in consciousness; for God is ever giving just what we expect!

Chapter 2: Jesus Christ

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