Your Word Is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn

Your Word Is Your Wand

Affirmations of Truth by

Florence Scovel Shinn [1928]


Your Word Is Your Wand
Success Affirmations
Prosperity Affirmations
Happiness Affirmations
Love Affirmations
Marriage Affirmations
Forgiveness Affirmations
Words of Wisdom Affirmations
Faith Affirmations
Loss Affirmations
Debt Affirmations
Sales Affirmations
Interviews Affirmations
Guidance Affirmations
Protection Affirmations
Memory Affirmations
The Divine Design Affirmations
Health Affirmations
Eyes Affirmations
Anemia Affirmations
Ears Affirmations
Rheumatism Affirmations
False Growth Affirmations
Heart Disease Affirmations
Animals Affirmations
The Elements Affirmations
Journey Affirmations

* * * * *
Your Word is Your Wand
Free Online Affirmations Book
by Florence Scovel Shinn
Table of Contents

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