Foreword – Making Your Self the Master – Harvey Hardman Divine Science

Harvey Hardman
Making Your Self the Master
© Harvey Hardman
Denver, Colorado, 1935.

[8] Each chapter in this book contains the substance of a lecture delivered in the course of my work as a teacher of Divine Science and metaphysics. My purpose in assembling this material and giving it its present form is to make available to the reader, in brief chapters, the instruction and the inspirational values of the lectures upon which they are based.

A word of explanation is due to the reader who may be unfamiliar with some of the terms employed. God and Principle are synonymous, and refer to the impersonal Cause of all things. “Father” is used to denote the universal Source of all individual life forms, but when so used in this book, it is not to be confused with the idea of a personal God. The Father of all things is not a person, but Principle. When the word is capitalized and used to indicate the incarnation of the universal Father in the individual human, a different meaning is involved. It means then what Jesus referred to when he spoke, as he so often did, of “The Father that dwelleth in me.” But he more often used the term “Son of God” and occasionally “Son of man.” Hence, whenever the terms Indwelling Father, Master Within, Christ Mind, Soul, the [9] I Am, the greater Self, Son of God, are used in this book, the reference is to the immortal Self of the individual.

In this connection it is well for the reader to understand that such psychological terms as subjective mind, subconscious mind, and subliminal mind, all refer to the same Plus-Entity in man that I have mentioned in the above paragraph. In psychology this principle of subjectivity is regarded as creatively active in maintaining the vital functions of the body; the force back of intuition, habit, dreams, and other modes of mental action involving super-normal powers. If the reader will keep in mind these terms and their definitions, he will encounter no difficulty in perceiving the scientific basis of the instruction, and if the Law herein expounded is put into practice, he will be able to improve the conditions of his life.

I give with the book my treatment for the reader, that he may, as a result of his study, realize the presence and power of the Master-Self within him. That realization leads to success, health, and happiness. In the Name of the Master withing you, you shall be able to live the life and do the works of the Son of God.

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Making Your Self the Master
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