High Mysticism – Chapter 12 – Ministry

High Mysticism by Emma Curtis Hopkins

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Chapter 12 — Ministry

The twelve gods of the Egyptians were twelve rulers of this world declaring twelve obligations for this world to fulfill. The astronomically prophetic Pyramid of Gizeh was built by the duo-decimal system which finally arrived as the twelve inches of the English foot, every inch alive with its own god law. Twelve is the number of Mount Zion: the number of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The twelfth stone is the amethyst symbolic of Revelation of the Mysteries; discovery of secret values; the hitherto valueless coming to light as long hidden Royal Passports.

Do we highly value idleness? Yet the idle hold the key to the city of the Great King. “Labor not,” said Jesus. “Your heavenly Father worketh.” Therefore, why should they work? And the careless also, whom we hold in light esteem; yet the high law reads, “Cast all your care” — “Your heavenly Father careth” — Why should you care? The thoughtless, the thinkless, we will not praise them, but they hold the heavenly key of “Take no thought” — “In such an hour as ye think not” — “Your (heavenly) Father knoweth.” You do not need to think.

A new accomplishment, a new protection, a new knowing, shall come to the user of this hidden key that opens golden gates to walls of Zion all jubilant with song.

Another feared and half despised condition is old age. How afraid people are of old age, covering all its symptoms with powders and paints and dyes to show how they hate it as an undesirable! Who has told the aged that the secret of a forgotten science hides under faltering brain and stiffening limbs? Who has told them to cease from noticing the faltering and the stiffening and regard with new regarding the science of sparkling re-living hiding under these, ready to break forth with power of youth such as no youth has ever known?

Now and then along the centuries some old, some very old, person has stirred with the hidden science and has done what no young person on all the earth could do, or seeing it done could duplicate.

Joshua at 85 years of age quickens with a mystic tone that throws down the walls of Jericho and starts the Boaz family of forebears of royal David, forefather of Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum.

Moses at 120 years of age inspires with heavenly fervor that shakes the still Jehovah wisdom in Joshua as he lays his hands alive with power upon him. No younger man than Moses at 120 could wake the Spirit of wisdom in old Joshua so that he had almost risen into the heavenly Jerusalem in supernal manifestation among the great ones of Israel.

John at Rome in the cauldron of Domitianus, at 80 years of age sets the boiling oil at naught by some mystic atmospheric so generated by the Sacred Name that the Apostles at Ephesus carried him into church with a plate of gold on his brow on which was inscribed the Name of majesty he had so proved as able to save to the uttermost. No young man had come out of boiling oils alive. Only John at 80. And at 89 he, still holding his mystic atmosphere, was most honored among the Christians of that New Age just sending its first golden beams over this dark earth.

Massini in Firenze singing Gounod’s Sanctus at 70 years of age so entranced the people that some felt themselves transported as to a Paradise they had left behind them or a Paradise they were moving toward. No young singer in all the choirs of Italy could touch the still chords of love, rest, and home like old Massini.
It is for us of the age just shedding its promised daylight over our earth to wake again the slumbering science of re-living so that something diviner than youth may fling its celestial signals forth from behind the falterings of ages-old human processes.

Man miraculously victorious shall stop his persistent reiterations of descriptions of Deity and His One ldea Man, and urge face to face recognition of Deity as Responsive Servitor.

“To him that ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God.”

Learn to converse face to face with The Ever-Facing All-Knowing.

“Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people.” “I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth!”

“And there is no discharge in that war,” spake Solomon, catching in one of his high moments, the mystery of the amethyst stone holding mystic signification as endless inspirings from endless Wisdom.

Mary of Bethany caught the light of the Endless and started the Christian Church numbering millions on millions of people, and endlessly increasing millions.

“Other foundation can no man lay.” These are wonderful words. They stand for the power of a Name. They stand for the mystical influence that wakes the heavenly power called Inspiration, Holy Ghost, working miracles upon this earth, making new conditions like in beauty and joyousness to that other realm called by the Brahmins the Perfect Land.

Daniel, royal captive to the King of Babylon, 500 B. c., felt the Spirit, or inspiration of “the holy gods,” and three kings set him into high authority as wiser than all the wonderful wise men of old Babylonia. They found him charged to the brim with mystical knowledge. Daniel knew a name which woke inspiration: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are his,” he said. “He revealeth the deep and secret things.”

So today we come again upon the heavenly mysteries all known to Jesus of Nazareth, royal world captive, who offers to the world at large what Daniel offered to the three dynasties, Chaldean, Median, Persian, more than two thousand years ago:

“In my name he (The Holy Ghost) shall teach you.” The Holy Ghost hath a Voice. John turned to see the wooing Voice. Now and then one of us hears the same Voice. Sometimes it is a soundless chord in music, like what Ole Bull caused whole audiences to be stirred by, after he had roused their inner ears beyond the power of his bow across the strings.

Whoever shall continue to hear the unrecorded strain shall fetch forth the prophesied New Music. Sometimes it is in apperception, as great teachings smite our heart chords. Whoever keeps the apperception shall give us the Vision of The Presence that sweeps this world aside for the New Kingdom to be our dwelling place.

The teaching and miracle-working Holy Ghost saved Daniel in the midst of the starving lions. It saved the three wise men in the midst of the fiery furnace. lt saved Paul stoned to death at Lystra.

Daniel was in the teeth of the law of cause and effect by reason of having thrown other men to the lions. He was in the law of “What a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” But he having touched a law above human cause and effect came forth unharmed.

The three wise men were in the teeth of the law of cause and effect by reason of having thrown other men into fiery furnaces. They, scenting the winds of the other world, set aside the law of cause and effect and stood forth unharmed.

Paul who by the law of sowing what we reap was stoned to death as he had stoned others to death, having acknowledged the New King, rose up alive, happy in the Living Kingdom as the Sibyls had foretold. Death lifted its cloud and passed away as the Sibyls had foreseen; the Cumaean Sibyl, the Erythraic, the Samian — did they not all a thousand years before Paul’s time declare that to acknowledge Him who should come as king was to rise free and happy in His kingdom, though “hostile men should spit upon that king, and on His sacred back they should strike”?

All the Mystical Laws declare Christ Jesus of prophecy, history, and the Undescribable New Age — this very age swept clean of delusions by the breath of Atman, showing our feet standing not on old earth but on a New Earth forgetting the former things as if they had never existed.

Great events of history, striking to the heart’s core of mankind, are heralded by signs in the sky, and earthly eccentricities.

Was it not recorded that at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth the pole of the heaven stood motionless, while everything on earth which was propelled forward was intercepted, workmen with upturned faces and hands mysteriously suspended in air, and cattle strangely pausing at their fodder? Did not even the far away Chinese post it in their astronomical tables that a new star burst into the heavens at that date?

Has not the earth lately slowed up on its axis, the sun shaded its face with new dark spots of mystery, and a more splendid sun come gleaming forth in far distant night skies? Are we oblivious to the fact that these all have presaged the unexplained Armageddon of old Biblical prophecy?

Our globe has crossed a bar, and no prophecy based on previous astrological data can set us straight as to our status in our own constellation. We are driven to the visions of Daniel, Malachi and John the Revelator for sole comfort and edification as to the finals of the vast Apocalyptic combat in this twilight of the gods.

This is the time of which Joel and Paul were foretelling, when only those that call on the name of the High Deliverer shall be delivered from identification with the conflict in which all others on earth are occupied.

Mystical Science, top currenting the material and mental sciences that run through the prophetic Sacred Books, lays large stress on the hurrying assistance of the divine Name, whose sounded syllables catch up the flakes of living ether that lie in the common airs softly awaiting inbreathing recognition.

Mystical Science lays large stress on noticing the surrounding ether’s soft healing flakes. It teaches to practice inbreathing the waiting Christ breath with its vivific stimulus. It urges to bide the time of the healing elixir’s kindling all our flesh with the freshness of its own eternal fires. “For is he not Atman, the breath and the life of the universe?”

There is a vital difference between talking about the inspirations that wake the waiting God-Seed in the breast, and practicing healing inspirations as daily breath.

There is a vital difference between talking about the Judge of all the earth, and answering face to face the Judge’s unceasing decision as questioning, “Is it well with thee?”

Answering face to face according to the Great Judge’s inexorable decision is the mystical recognition that personifies. One comes into our life judging us according to our best only, as the great Judge judges; and so judging he warms forth our best into flowering beauty. One comes causing our hidden genius to bloom. One comes shoving us into our rightful environment and delivering to us our rightful possessions. One loves us for our native, original excellence.

And if one thus loves us and judges us, another comes thus loving and judging, and still another, and another, till we are surrounded by the personifications of our acknowledgments of the decisions of the ever-facing Judge of purer eyes than to behold iniquity.

If we have spoken face to face with the Invisible Highest as Wise Counsellor, we shall find the personification of our acknowledgment in some new friend’s arrival all alive with high counsel.

If we have spoken face to face with the Invisible Highest as Powerful Champion, some unexpectedly greatly powerful champion of our cause hails into comradeship.

For each acknowledgment face to face with the everfacing Mighty Judge personifies. Is it not promised, “Act as though I were, and thou shalt know I Am”? And every personification multiplies, till our whole field of life is dotted with champions and counsellors and wise judges. Therefore, endure “as seeing him who is invisible.”

Endure to the personifyings. Catch the love fire of the Sun of Recognition on the stalk and bud of hidden possibility everywhere facing us. “Wheresoever thou lookest, there is Allah.”

The sunflower endures as seeing the sun though the sun’s glowing face is nightly obscured by a dark globe’s eight thousand miles of thickness. It squeezes in the sun’s hot beams with ecstatic adoration, till living seeds fall from its yellow bosom and other sunflowers spring up and fill the garden patch with sunflowers.

So did Gideon find his senses enthralled by the angel of peace, Jehovah Shalom, till all the Ophrah field was peace for forty years. So did Cosimo see peace, with all his senses enthralled, till Firenze was at peace through. out her borders. So shall “thy land (be) Beulah,…” married to the Lord,” and great shall be the peace of thy children” — sweet, effortless propagations!

In whatever time of mankind’s history we read of his steadfast attention toward the Vast, Vast Countenance of the High Redeemer inhabiting Eternity, we find him personifying his high descriptions with people like unto his descriptions. “Thou art my light and my salvation,” sang the Hebrew captives in Babylon. Then came great Cyrus lighting up their half forgotten religion, and his Persian army with him, to hew for the singers their lost way back to Jerusalem their half forgotten home.

In our own time, by practicing the same law in lesser fashion, the young Dorman declared himself so identified with Omni-present Spirit, all-health, that like the ardent Sufi he felt “0 Thou I and I Thou!” This made him as “the Sun of righteousness with healing in his wings.” All who came near him sensed healing elixirs stirring in their veins, and blessed his miracle-working sunshine.

Dorman did not notice the people’s wailings. He did not grieve for their misfortunes. He was deaf and dumb to all save the healing “Thou I and I Thou.” “Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the Lord’s servant? Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears but he heareth not.” Thus the blind and the deaf like the idle and the aged hold the mystic key to another world’s wonderful gates. Are we not all of us open-eyed and open-eared to signs and cries of distress? But the truly open-eyed see the heavenly host free, wise, immortal.

The twelfth stone of character is the amethyst, significant of divine deafness and blindness. As the ruby is the most precious of all the precious stones, in the estimation of man, being significant of judgment, so the amethyst is least precious among men, being significant of Dorman deafness and blindness, two terrifying conditions in the estimation of man, depending for their supernal transactions upon face to face recognition of the transmuting God. “Though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them,” saith the Lord. Yet “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

Is the sun mindful whether it warms the rock or freezes the water? So on my hot hate the healing heights let fall a cooling silence, and on my cold despair they drop a loving warmth. Notice how the Great Unnoticing heals its opposites!

“Now last of all comes number twelve,
And what should that recall?
The Apostolic college
When completed by Saint Paul.”

Paul was the College, or collect, of the marriage of all the twelve Apostles to the Risen Christ Jesus, Victorious, Almighty. Never such lovers on earth! They were so in love with their Risen Lord that boiling oil had no terrors for them, lions’ jaws no hurting menace.

Paul was the transmuted of the Apostolic lovers. He was transubstantiated from Saul the persecutor of the Christians into Paul chief star in the Christian firmament, founder of the Protestant Church, the most stalwart and vigorous religious body on earth. “I am the least of the Apostles,” Paul said, “. . . because I persecuted the church of God” — “But God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”

Thus was the beautiful dogma of transubstantiation, believed in by the steadfast Roman Catholics, demonstrated beyond cavil by Saul-Paul, and set in the earth as the mystic amethyst of Christianity.

The twelfth lot cometh forth to Hashabiah, twelfth leader of the twelfth course of Levitical Singers. “Hashabiah” signifies such as “Jehovah esteems.” “Hashabiah” is he who is set as a precious stone when the Lord maketh up his jewels. For the Hashabiah type sings in the night time of adversity and in the day time of prosperity; in the prisons of enemies and in the castles of friends.

Songs of the heart’s Hashabiah well-springs bubble up through external affairs, send shrapnel of tribulation or thunders of applause. Paul and Silas in the dark Macedonian prison are singing with their feet in the stocks,

“Send down thy Spirit free,
Till wilderness and town
One temple for thy worship be,
Thy Spirit, Oh, send down.”

And the inbreathing Free Spirit fills their prison house to bursting, breaking apart the binding stocks, and transmuting prisoners and prison keepers to worship of the Sender-down of Omnipotent Free Spirit.

“Thrice was I beaten with rods,” said Paul; “once was I stoned; thrice I suffered shipwreck.” “But I glory.” And thus glorying, even Paul’s hands had transubstantiating effects; for it came to pass that “when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.”

In the alchemist’s cupel the precious metal was separated from the vile amid chemical violence. Thus was Elisha’s anguish at the departure of his beloved Elijah turned into transmuting beams that cured brackish Jericho waters, by his crying out, not for departed Elijah, but for the God of Elijah: “Where is the God of Elijah?”

The sand grain or the insect’s torture in the amethystine shell wakes the sleeping nacre in the oyster’s cold bosom, and the priceless pearl is created. So “surely the wrath of man shall praise thee,” sang the Hashabiah singers. Was not Jesus angry and grieved? Who is there among us quick-witted enough to transmute his rage into some glowing tribute to Jehovah’s healing responsiveness by shouting to Him, “Stretch forth thy hand!” in imitation of the prompt-speaking Christ Jesus? Jesus thereby used the philosopher’s transforming stone for which the magi vainly sought. He stirred the fabled health fountain lying deep in Him as in all men. He struck forth the elixir vitae of the God Presence, by shouting aloud His praiseful transmuting recognition, in the midst of his anger and grief.

Who uses the hot words that exactly express his anger or grief, and then is shocked at their reactions? Who gives excuses for terribly efficient exclamations that close the portals to miracle working? As well give excuses for angrily thrusting hands into molten metal!

Take lesson of Jesus of Nazareth, and in hot anger or violent grief use the portal opening words, “Because of Thee I am greater than whatever can happen to me! Because of Thee I am richer than any riches that can fall to my lot! Because of Thee I am more befriended than by the great friends that come to me!” Even on the cross, the Hebrew translation translates, “How thou hast glorified me!”

And the twelfth lot cometh forth to Jakim, “whom God sets up.” Whom doth God set up? “I will set him on high because he bath known my name.”

Jakim and Jacob being the same consonantally, and holding the same relation to names as mysterious energizings, we see how Jacob was the cord of his own inheritance, by the use of some name of that High Redeemer to whom in his lowly estate of timidity and sin he continually looked for miraculous helping.

The greatest blessing David could think of to confer upon his people, was “The name of the God of Jacob defend thee.”

Jacob conferred names on his sons which had in the mystic potency of their sounded syllables the power to compel victorious outcomes. When he told Asher that he should dip his foot in oil, he meant that Asher by holding fast to the secret name of God folded within the syllables of his outer name, all his happy truths should prosper. Was it not a happy truth that the Sufi sang, “0 Thou I and I Thou”? Was it not a happy truth that the captive Hebrews sang, “Thou art my salvation”? Was it not a happy truth that Dorman sang, “0 Thou Free Spirit”?

They must have dropped down the line from Asher, the steadfast-to-the-secret doctrine held fast in some name they used, till it unlocked the mystery of quick successes.

When Jacob told Reuben that “unstable as water, thou shalt not excel,” he meant that Reuben’s secret name of the Highest Helper would hold him forever steady in the midst of his unstable tendencies, if he would steadfastly declare, “l, Reuben the steadfast!” Down Reuben’s line, by his fidelity to the whispered secret name folded forever in his outer name Reuben son and friend of God, should spring forth a new order of great men to bless the world.

But Reuben never could remember, except here and there and now and then at odd intervals, to declare “I, Reuben the steadfast,” till the secret saving name given him by his father Jacob, the name within the name enlarged him beyond his temper and his talents. Reuben neglected the mystic principle as modems have neglected the mystic possibilities in the Jesus Christ syllables. For the name Jesus Christ holds within its claspings the Lost Word with its power to open the gates of heaven and breathe through our human frames mysterious wafts of immortality. Those who neglect or reject its offers are those dropped down the line of Reuben first born of Jacob and Leah, by inheritance not over-handicapped, but by reason of downward viewings out-stripped and out-done.

When the birthright of Reuben was taken from him and passed on to Judah the ever-praiseful, the ever-rejoicing seer of pillars of excellence standing up in hardships and handicaps, Jacob handed out to us one of the mystical lessons for which he is now honored: “I, Judah, recognizing the precious fire charging my own name as precious fire charges all names, ready to spring forth with new powers by recognition — ”

Jacob was teaching the terrible alternative of moral and mental and material life activities: If we stand on our feet we can walk. If we do not stand on our feet we cannot walk. If we know that our thoughts come from our inward viewings we ofttime view Godward; if we do not know this origin of thoughts we ofttime view down and perforce must ofttime think low.

Was not this the ever-presenting bar of “terrible alternative” mentioned by the ancients? Jacob showed it by human beings, giving each son a name with functions for triumph if held heavenward, but closing down in unmiracled warfare and labor if held as man to man or man to dust.

“For this cause have I made thee stand,” said the voice of Jehovah to Moses; “that my name may be declared throughout all the earth.” “From the rising of the sun shall he call upon my name,” seeking My face evermore.
Attention to any objective makes duplicate, replica, in achieving powers as in character. “By me kings reign,” saith the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Ruler in the heavens and the earth.

Attention to the manner in which kings receive homage would result in kingly manners commanding homage. But only in king’s houses are children taught to receive homage as kings. To be a noble courtier is the height of even the titled subject’s ambition.

It was only as scion of the king’s house that the little dauphin six years of age was seated on the French throne, with sceptre in hand and crown on head, that all the magnificent people of the court might pay him homage, that he might early learn to receive homage in kingly fashion.

At a certain point of attention to mathematics the origin of reckoning is touched, and man can perform any given calculation with numbers. At this height he spills over with mathematics. The very airs around him are instinct with his science. Omar Khayyam was one of the greatest mathematicians, and one of the greatest of observers of transactions by visioning; he wrote,

“As when the tulip for its morning sup
Of heavenly vintage from the ground looks up,
Do thou devoutly do the same,
Till heaven to earth invert you.”

Kings of old sought such as could spill over or distil their knowledges into the atmospheres, to associate with the royal infants, that by psychometric encounter, or unconcious suggestion, the children of the royal house might learn easily, and thus easily outstrip all the children of the subjects of the realm.

Masters of art along any line affect the mystic brain films of those with whom they associate. How stimulating to the brain film is the aural spilling over of one who has been taught by Him of the Heavenly Heights, who saith, “Look unto Me,” “l will instruct thee and teach thee,” “I will . . . show thee great and mighty things.”

What healing peace may circumjacently radiate from one who has acquainted himself with Him of the Heavenly Heights ever inviting, “Acquaint now thyself with (Me) , and be at peace.”

What rest to the weary may radiate from one who has come into identification with the Heavenly Presence ever calling, “Come unto Me, and I will give you rest.”

Is not Rest the greatest achieving power mentioned in the books of inspiration? “They rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.” God is Rest. “Return unto Me,” He saith. “Returning unto the Root is rest,” wrote the Chinese sages.

Should a man be as rested as God he would do the works of God. The twelve labors of Hercules would be his daily accomplishment. Mythology veils these mystic lessons in story form. Whoever should rightly read mythology would find each god a noble lesson in Mystical Science. He would find the history of man and the cosmos lined out from start to finish.

Notice how Atalanta lost the race by saluting one little temptation en route. “Salute no man by the way,” said Jesus. Notice how Thor is first among the gods to be destroyed in the twilight of the gods, the Armageddon of the last age. Thor of the ruthless hammer! Then the other gods also to be annihilated, step by step, till there be left only One God and His Name One, the New Name which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it. Is it not easy to pick out the god of each nation in this twilight of time?

Who is obeying the single Edict of the High and Lofty One inhabiting Eternity, “Look unto Me and be ye saved” — “And I will give you rest.” “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also bath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest.”

The only labor for mankind is ofttime glancing up to the Lover ever with him, the Lord of hosts his name. “Zeus,” said the Greeks, “Zeus is his name. He was, and is and ever shall be, the glorious of man and of the fruitful earth; therefore call upon Zeus.”

Rest is relatedness to the Lord of effortless achievement. Its symbolic stone is amethyst. Rest that heals the sick and strengthens the weak is the happy arrival of one that bath chosen the God of Jacob for his strength, by choosing his name of achieving Rest — “Far above all principality, and power . . . and every name that is named.”

The twelfth stone stands for happiness. The happy do not care what happens to them. They are the care free; the truly care-less. They have cast all their care on the Author of omnipotent energy. Men wot not what Zeus glory hides its beams in care-lessness, the outer significant husk of flawless, unweighted executiveness.

The symbolic stone of the happy care-free is the amethyst, least precious hiding the most precious, the Benjamin stone among the jewels:: “The Lord shall cover him all the day long,” said Jacob. It is the Joseph stone: Blessed is he, for his are the “chief things of the ancient mountains.” It is the Gad stone, signifying one who executeth the justice of great Zeus, enlarging himself by recognizing his own centre as the glorious I AM: Highest God and Inmost God one I AM.

The happy are the hopeless. Over the gates of Dante’s Inferno it was written, “Abandon hope.” Over the gates of Paradiso it is also written, “They hope not.” For do they hope in heaven? How can they hope when the hoped-for is come? Does the bridegroom hope for his bride when she is already his love, rest and home? Does the mother hope that she shall have a son, when it is already born and nursing at her breast? No, it is come. “Ye are come unto Mount Zion, . . . the heavenly Jerusalem, and unto the city of the living God, and to an innumerable company of angels; to the general assembly and church of the first born.”

We are saved by hope,” said Paul, “but hope that is seen is not hope. For what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?”

The symbolic stone of hope-lessness, advance signal of hidden love, rest, and home, is the amethyst. The amethyst serpent in the diadem of every Pharoah was symbolic of a secret royal and divine power. It often turned out to be rod of wretchedness for the weak as occult power exercised by kings of dark old Egypt. But the amethyst is now symbol only of the as-yet-unworded wisdom, true waiting rod of the energizing Christ Jesus Name, filled with deliverance for the soldiers of the Armageddon in the twilight of the gods. ” (For) the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.”

The amethyst stone is symbol of health-giving indifference. Indifference is a state hiding the potent sceptre of Almighty Zeus. God is the Great Indifferent leaving the world to lay hold of the beams and ethers of mystic healing, or let them go by. Our sun is the great indifferent, not caring whether it is ripening the grape or rotting the apple. Dorman was the great indifferent, unmindful of cries of pain, yet calming them by his marriage to the regulating Sunshine, glorious, peace-giving AMEN RA.

Indifference that achieves is the child of upward gazing. “And the government shall be upon his shoulder,” wrote the prophet Isaiah. In the Cabala the intellectually mystical book of ancient Jewish lore and law, the child of the heavenly Dominant is born last in mankind; the crucifixion is first. If the honoring praise of our neighbors sets us up, the government is on the shoulders of praise and honor. If the hostility or hatred of our neighbors depresses us, the government is on the shoulders of hostility and hatred, two crucifying energies overpowering our powers. But if neither praise nor hostility obscures our sense of our I AM dominance, the government is on our shoulders, and by us our neighbors are set into their rightful relations with us, catching our principles of life and arriving side by side with us, neither condemning nor praising, but fellowshiping with us in glad hurrying toward the discovery of the New Science just at our gates, yet now hiding its splendid face from even the most advanced of mankind.

Virgil declared that the discoverers of new principles wear white chaplets on their heads in the Elysian fields, to distinguish them from the common shades who never discovered a single one of the uncountable new laws that press against our mystic brain films.

There is a discovery for every mystic brain. There is a discovery for our fellowshiping brain; the crowning science, held in renitent hiding, till unwarring fellowship makes all mankind as one.

The amethyst signifies originality. It signifies the coming unity of mankind, that can by united drawing charm, raised to Nth power, pull hitherward the New Science that ushers in the millennium.

All who have discovered new principles have acknowledged that it was more as if they remembered the principles than as if they had never known them. Archimedes, Pythagoras, Euclid, remembered. “. . . if they had (only) been mindful,” said Paul; (or remembered) “that country from whence they came out!”

Remembering is returning. And returning is repenting. Mary of Bethlehem remembered, returned, repented; the power of the Highest overshadowed her, and she brought forth Jesus, the only unhypnotized man that ever walked the planet. He was not hypnotized by the world belief in the drowning power of water, the incurableness of leprosy, blindness, deafness, death. He was not caught in the limitations of bread or water or gold. He set the Christian Religion in the earth, nearly a billion strong today, equal to victorious grappling with the powers and claims of all who oppose His love and peace doctrine, or forget His vicarious finished work.

We are all fated to remember, return, repent, and bring forth some mighty sign of our recognition of the overshadowing God. This is high light thrown on the doctrine of fate. Did not the ancient Romans declare that “None could breake ye chaine of forged destinie, that firme is tyde to Jove’s eternal throne”?

Did not the Chinese of dim antiquity proclaim that each man is chained by a single golden thread to the flowery upper land of bliss? Did not they all declare that holding fast by our own upward drawing cord is clue to our own self-transcending, like to Jacob’s holding fast the cord of his self-transcendence?

The sages of old lndia announced that memory is the thread that draws us upward to love, rest, and home. They remembered and remembered their sacred writings tome on tome. The early Christians insisted that by good works should man attain to heaven his longed- for home. But Jesus said love, rest, and home, should be ours by repentance in His name, beginning at Jerusalem, or each Self. As in the days of Augustus all roads led to Rome, even so do all the mystical lessons lead back again to repentance by Upward Glancing, and fidelity to the Revealing Name.

The Ophites and Nazarenes of old prophesied a wisdom religion to come to the world, having an ineffable Name for the secret of its triumphs. Tacitus and Seutonius declared that a Man from Judea should subjugate the nations. Who hath transcended Jesus of Nazareth, baptized with Christ the Victorious God, till death and hell and warfare can be glorified out of existence by the influence of His secret name ever breaking through his common name?

Who bath so transcended all laws of nature, rising from the dark tomb by identification with Christ the unburiable? Who being thus risen bath led his Apostolic worshippers as far as Bethany, and lifting up his hands hath blessed them as a heavenly host on high, un noting of their estate as earth-born mankind?

Bethany means house of dates, or house of misery, according as the vision is Godward or earth-bound. Here again is the terrible alternative as led off by the mystic sense of inward viewing.

Note how the Apostles being blessed as heavenly host by the Risen Christ Jesus, returned to Jerusalem, or began at their Jerusalem Self, shouting to the Most High, “Blessing and honor and glory and power be unto him that sitteth upon the throne . . .”

Note how they preached union with the Highest and communion with the sons of light. They had been taught that two are ever in the field, man and superman; one should be taken, the other left. Their address was thus ever to the super-man, the Angel of man’s presence.

To the Angel of the amusement-bound, to them of the Church of Ephesus let us write to Risen Christ. To the Angel of the beauty-bound, to them of the Church of Smyrna, let us write as to God, Origin of Beauty. To the Angel of each church, let us write the great things of The Highest.

To the Pergamos Angel let us write; to them of the grandeurs of wealth, statecraft, learning; to the lovers of art, architecture, music, war. To them let us write as to One who transcends all grandeurs.

The Apostles wrote to the Pergamos type concerning the true Healing God whom the Pergamites were worshipping in the temple as AEsculapius, the key god invisibly filling his outer temple, urging his own worship with promises of health auras if mankind would only marry unto him, the god of healing, radiating his through his temple’s ivory walls, to envelop his devotees with resistless magistrum.

The Apostle wrote to the Angel of the Church of Pergamos, mentioning the truly victorious God, whom the Pergamites were adoring in the golden temple as Jupiter the Mighty. They wrote to the Angel in the Church of Pergamos, the Joyous God, whom the Pergamites were wooing in the shining temple as Bacchus the delectable. To the Angel of Pergamos, the city of splendid temples built of shittim wood and ivory, sandalwood and ebony, the Apostles of the Lord Christ of the one God wrote glowing letters.

Not to the people did they write, but to the Angel of the people. Herein is great light on the mystical ministry of the Messiah Christ. As he blessed his disciples as an angelic host, and thus made of them the transcendent among mankind, so all those who regard their neighbors as angelic host, above their seeming selves, imbue their neighbors with immuneness to disease, and hurting powers, and death, turning them to adoration of the High Redeemer.

The mystical books of the oracles could be found in Pergamos of old. To this day the subtle aromas of the books of the oracles are sending athwart receptive brain films their New Age wisdoms. For though the scrolls of high teaching be outwardly burned, their secret messages go ever stealing forth.

Though the Caliph Omar destroyed the scrolls of Pergamos and Alexandria, yet the writings on the scrolls are still whispering across our mystic brain films. Let us hearken for the high teachings with which the inner airs are charged. “The value of all the scrolls is in the Koran,” shouted the Caliph Omar. And so it is.

Does not the Koran declare “Most Highest Allah,” who teacheth what before mankind hath not known? Shall not the Master and the scholar who teacheth less than “Most Highest Allah” be cut off out of the tabernacles of Jacob? Is not our prophet Malachi inspired, when with foresight like to the makers of cosmic myths, sighting the end of the world’s beloved gods, he sees that all of low viewings must be ended with their gods’ great twilight?

When the Christian Theophilus, hurrying with his mob through Pergamos to burn the Sibylline prophetics, shouted that all books were as nothing in the light of Christian Scripture, was he not shouting better than we have credited to him? For what is the point of Christian Scripture now breaking in upon us, save, “Seek ye my face evermore” — “And every eye shall see, and every tongue confess.” Did the Sibylline books go so straight to the saving instruction, though their secret doctrines read that Hecate, man’s own I AM, shares equal honors with Zeus, the One I AM, because as there is but one I AM in the universe, I AM that I AM?

When Mark Anthony gave to Cleopatra 200,000 precious volumes from the library of Pergamos, was he not corralling heathen knowledge and mythological significance into one spot of old Africa, to silver the Christian gospel yet to be, with the wise secret potencies of hoary antiquity?

Shall not the Original Christian Gospel reach us in its own appointed time? Shall not the foretold Messenger arrive to whom even the Jews shall shout Hozannas? The Christ of the New Christian Gospel is lot crucified, not buried, not risen. The Christ of the New Christian Gospel is the Able-to-save-from-falling, by the mighty power of the Name within the name of that Wholly Christ-imbued One, Bloom in the Garden of Time.

“Great is Diana of the Ephesians!” they shouted. But Diana gave way to Mary. “Great is Mary!” they shouted. But Mary gives way to the Holy Ghost. “Great is Jesus the Crucified!” they shouted. But Jesus the Crucified gives way to Uncrucified Free Christ.

Christ was never crucified. Christ is the uncrucifiable, unburied and unrisen — the Eternal and Changeless Self-Existent High Redeemer — The Awakener of New Powers and New Knowledges. Let the Name that hides The Name of the Uncrucifiable Self-Existent ascend, till its hidden manna nourishes our mystical bodies into joyous prominence! Till the Holy Ghost that teaches all things is our daily breath.

Breath of heaven all truth revealing,
Kindling in us life divine!

Only he of the mystical Christ Body Dominant can be the writer of the New Book that is promised to expound the fundamentals of the New Dispensation and explain the starry signs no other science seems to get right — signs declaring that new heaven and new earth now hurrying through the thundering Armageddon gates.

“The stars in their courses fought against Sisera,” because Sisera fought against the stars.

For the stars in their courses are a framework inevitable. They go according to Peace, and Order, and the way of Kindness. Whatever opposes the purpose of the order the stars do serve, must take the reactions of defiance to their stately signallings.

For many years Sisera’s kingdom had been working to overthrow the Jehovah Inexorable, as set forth by the Israelitish prophecies. His king Jabin had harassed Israel secretly and openly, and with stored munitions of iron chariots, nine hundred strong, had suddenly met outwardly unprepared Israel in battle array on the great plain of Esdraelon.

The framework of heaven gives to each star its path whereon not only to shine, but in its visible integrity to figure forth the Invisible integrity of a Finished Prototype.

Whatever people, or tribe, or country, or globe shall stand up for the Integrity that swings the stars, as according to loving kindness, and peace giving, and life-and-joydefending, shall be, by so far as he thus stands up, in league with The Undefeatable.

How then could Deborah the prophetess, with upward vision, find any other prophecy for Barak of Israel, called the thunderbolt of the framework, than that Barak defence should stand in better with the stars than Jabin-Sisera onslaught?

“On earth peace, good will toward men,” sang the angels, heralding One who never stepped out of league with the stars in their courses.

Then, if there is any nation or globe in the spaces, that is preparing to molest the peace of its neighbor, it is out of step with the heavenly legions, visible and invisible, and cannot win its iron-charioted way, even though all its munitions and plannings have risen to the Nth power of antagonism. Let not any such Sisera expect to triumph against the stars that wheel only Good Will.

Glance up, glance up often, 0 Man! So shalt thou find thyself in unhinderable step with the Victorious Highest, Author of the lntegrity that sends the stars on their sublime marches; Father of Him who gave His life to set mankind into rhythm with life everlasting; who gave His life to quicken our recognition of the Responsive Divinity overlooking the stars above the signal stars; the Responsive Divinity quiescent like a sleeping giant in the breast of every one of us; who gave His life to call our own attention to our own deeply held acquaintance with the Secrets of the Finished Universe, to the “light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

Let us write to the Angel of our neighbor’s presence: Ye are above the wheel of matter and the net-work of mind. Ye are light of the world — free, flawless, immortal.


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