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The Spirit of The New Thought
Edited by Horatio W. Dresser



Evans, Warren F.: The Mental Cure, Boston, 1869; Mental Medicine, 1872; Soul and Body, 1876; The Divine Law of Cure, 1881; Primitive Mind Cure, 1885; Esoteric Christianity, 1886.

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Mental Healing Monthly (first mental science periodical published in Boston).

Mental Science Magazine, edited by A. J. Swartz, Chicago.

Christian Metaphysician, edited by Geo. B. Charles, Chicago, 1887-1897.

Wayside Lights, edited by L C Graham and other pioneers, Hartford, Ct.

Harmony, edited by M. E. Cramer, San Francisco, 1889-1906

Thought, forerunner of Unity, edited by Chas. Fillmore, Kansas City.(Practical Christianity phase.)


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Journal of Practical Metaphysics, organ of Boston Metaphysical Club, edited by H. W. Dresser, 1896-1898; merged in The Arena.

Life, The, monthly, edited by A. P. Barton, Kansas City, 1897-1908.

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Gleaner, The, edited by W. John Murray, New York.

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Tuke, Daniel H.: The Influence of the Mind on the Body, London, 1884 (medical).

Carpenter, W. B.: Mental Physiology, New York, 1876. (Unconscious cerebration.)

Fletcher, Horace: Menticulture, 1899, etc. (Power of thought)

Hudson, Thos. J.: The Law of Psychic Phenomena, Chicago, 1894; Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life; The Law of Mental Medicine, etc. (The author overemphasiies the contrast between the objective and subjective, as if we had two minds; b not guided by actual experience in mental healing.)

Buckley, J. M.: Faith Healing, Christian Science, and Kindred Phenomena, 1892. (Historical, critical.)

Besant, Annie; Thought Power: Its Control and Culture, (Theosophy,)

Schofield, A. T.: The Force of Mind; The Unconscious Mind, etc.(Psychotherapy.)

DuBois, P.: The Psychic Treatment of Nervous Disorders. (Based on physiological psychology and determinism.)

Milmine, Georgine: The Life of M. B. G. Eddy. (Historical, accurate.)

Worcester, Ellwood: Religion and Medicine, New York, 1908 (first book on the Emmanuel Movement); The Christian Religion as a Healing Power, 1909.

Powell, Lyman: The Emmanuel Movement in a New England Town.

MacDonald, R.: Mind, Religion, and Health, 1908

Brown, Chas. R.: Faith and Health, 1910; The Healing Power of Suggestion, 1916.

Fallows, S.: Health and Happiness, 1908.

HuckelL, Oliver: Mental Medicine, 1909.

Sadler, W. S.: The Physiology of Faith and Fear, Chicago, 1912. (A physician’s correction of mental healing.)

Munsterberg, Hugo: Psychotherapy, 1909. (A materialistic interpretation; denies the existence of the subconscious.)

Severn, Elizabeth: Psychotherapy, Philadelphia, 1914. (An intelligent study by a physician who has successfully applied mental healing.)

Cobb, Rev. W. F.: Spiritual Healing, London, 1914. (Partly historical, regards the subject from the outside.)

Bruce, H. Addington: Scientific Mental Healing, Boston, 1911. (Traces the history with a view to showing superiority of psychotherapy, overlooks inner values of New Thought.)

Ernest, Jones: Papers on Psycho-Analysis, New York, 1916. (A typical work by a devotee of Dr. Sigmund Freud of the psycho-analytic school.)

Randall, Rev. J. Hermann: A New Philosophy of Life, etc. (Excellent and sympathetic.)

Cutten, Geo B.: The Psychological Phenomena of Christianity, New York, 1908; Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing, 1911. (Fails to see the inner connection between Christianity and spiritual healing.)

Purinton, E. E.: Efficient Living. (Popular study of mental efficiency.)

Mason, Dr. Osgood: Telepathy and the Subliminal Self.

James, William: Varieties of Religious Experience (estimates the New Thought as “The Religion of Healthy-mindedness”); Pragmatism (method of testing ideas by reference to experience); Psychology, Briefer Course (shows dependence of mind on body); The Will to Believe (shows power and freedom of the will).

Mann, Rev. Chas.: Psychiasis (interprets mental healing from Swedenborg’s point of view).

Hepher, Rev. Cyril: The Fellowship of Silence; The Fruits of Silence, London, 1916. (A high churchman’s appeal for silence, with practical emphasis on inner experience.)

Courtenay, Rev. Chas: The Empire of Silence, New York, 1916. (Comprehensive study of silence in all its bearings save thee intimate relation to healing; overlooks practical values of mysticism.)

Riley, Woodridge: American Thought from Puritanism to Pragmatism, New York, 1915. (Gives the background of transcendentalism, etc, but overlooks the inner meaning of the healing movement.)

Coe, Geo. A: The Spiritual Life, New York. 1900 (contains study of divine healing); The Psychology of Religion, Chicago, 1916 (misses the interior values of spiritual experience; chiefly valuable for its comprehensive bibliography).

Leuba, James H.: New York, 1912. (Regards mental healing movement sympathetically as a recent form of religion.)

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