Chapter 12 – Thought Transference

Chapter XII
W. John Murray
Mental Medicine
Divine Science Publishing Assoc.
New York, 1923.

[174] Thought transference is not a new invention by some modern cult; it is a rediscovery of the most ancient of all methods of communication. When one stops to think, it is the only way by which man can communicate with God, or God communicate with man, for there are no convenient material means such as the wireless. Either we communicate with God in prayer telepathically, or we communicate not at all.

The communication of thought, from one mind to another without the use of the spoken word, has been practiced from time immemorial by spiritually developed men or adepts, and the only reason there are not more adepts is that there are not more spiritually developed men; and the only reason there are not more divinely enlightened men [175] is that men as a rule “love darkness rather than light.” Adepts are not especially endowed any more than experts in any line are especially endowed; they are like geniuses because they have “a tremendous capacity for hard work.” If we conclude that a thing cannot be accomplished, we shall make no attempt to accomplish it; this does not mean that another who does believe it cannot effectively accomplish it.

Projecting thought from one mind to another is no more difficult than sending messages from one ship to another; yet it is only a few years ago that very few shared Marconi’s “crazy notions” in regard to wireless.

Wireless messages are sent in perfect conformity with natural laws, and what are called “Absent Treatments” are given effectively in conformity with laws that are just as natural; for law is law, and all law is One Law, susceptible of countless methods of application. Thought is not only the most real thing in the world; it is the most far-reaching [176] thing in the universe. It abolishes time and space, and renders matter penetrable and unobstructive. Experiments in telephony and telegraphy are bringing to light the fact that “matter offers no successful resistance to mind,” as every schoolboy knows who listens in on the radio. There are vibrations of sound too low for us to hear, and there are vibrations of sound too high for us to hear, but we are told that there are some forms of life which hear both of the extremes which we cannot hear.

In “Isis Unveiled” we read, “As the physical ear discerns the vibrations of the atmosphere (or ether) only up to a certain point, not yet definitely fixed, but varying with the individual, so the adept, whose interior hearing has been developed, can take the sound at this vanishing-point and hear its vibrations in the astral light indefinitely. He needs no wires, helices, or sounding-boards; his will-power (spiritual intention or attention) is all sufficient. Hearing with the spirit, time and distance offer no impediments, [177] and so he may converse with another adept at the antipodes with the same ease as though they were in the same room.”

You have not tried this perhaps and so you doubt it, but you must remember that your doubt cannot upset an established fact. When the old farmer was told that he could talk with his son in Chicago over the telephone, he himself being in a lawyer’s office in New Jersey, he stubbornly refused to try, notwithstanding that the matter which needed to be settled required immediate attention.

It is not necessary to be an adept to get a message over the telephone from Chicago to New Jersey; all that is essential is to be willing to take up the receiver, and the trick is done. It is not a trick at all; it is natural when you know how.

When the centurion went to the Master, asking Him to heal his servant, Jesus said: “I will come and heal him,” but the centurion answered: “Nay Lord, I am not worthy [178] that thou shouldst enter under my roof. Speak the Word only and my servant shall be healed.” If this is not equivalent to saying, “Project thy healing Thought by a method of mental action and my servant shall be restored,” I do not know what it is. He was not to shout through space in the effort to make Himself heard audibly by the man in a far-off place; He was merely to think truly and the Word or silent communication would do its own work, as was evidenced by the actual fact when the centurion reached his home, for it is written, “his servant was healed in the selfsame hour.” When we understand the laws which govern thought-transmission, we shall see that this incident was as natural and normal as that air should come into a room when the window is raised or the door opened. We cannot see a sanative idea projected from one mind to another, but we can feel the beneficial effect of both, and this is the issue of importance. When the man in the Scriptures [179] said to those who doubted his cure of blindness: “Whereas I was blind, now I see,” he was acknowledging the blessing even though he could not explain the modus operandi by which it had been brought about.

This is precisely what thousands of people are doing today. They are testifying at mid-week meetings, and other places, to cures of so-called incurable ailments, without making any pretense of comprehending the underlying principle back of their restorations. It is natural, however, for the inquiring soul whose body has been restored, to want to know by what means or method these cures have been accomplished. This accounts for the rapid growth of the New Psychology, which is nothing more nor less than Primitive Apostolic Christianity restored to twentieth century progressiveness.

During the war a sensitive mother whose son was at the front was awakened one night by her son coming into the room and saying to her something which she interpreted to mean that he had been badly [180] wounded. She aroused her husband and told him of her experience which was as real to her as if it had happened in broad daylight. She was fully awake. Her husband sought to calm her, and finally succeeded in getting her back to sleep. Weeks went by and no word came until one day news arrived from the War Office informing them that the son had been badly wounded on the exact date of his mother’s experience and that he had passed away as a result of his injuries.

Such things have happened so often that they can neither be ascribed to miracle nor coincidence, and since this is true, it is the purpose of the New Psychology to discover the law and work with it intelligently. We have no idea how much we are helped or injured by the thoughts of others. The more delicately attuned we are to the spiritual the more sensitive we are to thoughts; if these are good and pure we can accept them and make them our own; if they are bad we can reject them and cast them out of consciousness.

[181] Cornelius Agrippa is credited with saying, “Out of everybody proceed images, individual substances, and on that account a man is in a condition to impart his thoughts to another man who is hundreds of miles away.” Now, if you wish to put this to the test, try sometime when someone dear to you is ill, so far away that you cannot reach him in person, to reach him in spirit. Go into your room alone; compose yourself. Relax all over. “Be still and know” that God is all in all, in your beloved one as in all things else. Fill your consciousness with the conviction of the abiding Presence, and fill it so full with this conviction that the belief in the presence of anything else will be impossible to you. Feel that just as the atmosphere in which you live and breathe is everywhere, so the presence of God is in every place, surrounding and permeating your loved one, as ether surrounds and permeates all things. Realize that in this Presence there is nothing “that maketh or worketh a lie” and that sickness is a lie, “and the [182] Truth is not in it.” Know that if God is the Author of sickness it is incurable, for that which He creates shall stand forever. Know that if God does not create sickness, it is a shadow cast by wrong thinking which you, by right-thinking, or righteousness, can cure. Silently tell your loved one there is nothing to fear, and this will tend to calm his troubled thoughts as the assurances of the mother tends to dissipate fear from the mind of her child. The worst feature of all disease is fear, and when this is overcome, the sick will rise as a spring rises when a weight is removed from it. Fear is a weight which keeps a patient down when he should be up and about. Do not be afraid that your unspoken thoughts will not reach your distant patient. The Marconi operator is not afraid that his message will not reach the ship to which he is sending it merely because there are no wires between. Take your example from him and keep on telling your loved one in the Silence that he is well, perfectly well, because God made him so and [183] keeps him so. See him with your mind’s eye in the full possession of that perfect health to which man, made in God’s image, is entitled. Expect a good report in due time, as you expect an answer to your wireless, and then dismiss the case from your mind until evening or morning as the case may be. Above all things, have faith in your unspoken message of Truth, and it shall not return unto you void.

It has been found by every person who is engaged in mental or spiritual healing, that when a patient at a distance is in a receptive mood and is anxious to be healed, the silent impartation of the truth of his being is taken up by his subconscious mind, which commences at once to work out in objective form the mental picture of health imposed upon it.

It goes without saying that the same principle which will work for another will also work in the direction of self-healing. If erroneous thinking is manifesting itself in some form of bodily discomfort or disease, [184] we must seek the seclusion of our rooms and take ourselves in hand, and talk to ourselves as we would to another person, remembering that it is to the subconscious mind we are addressing ourselves, and also remembering that this mind is extremely sensitive to suggestion and that its creative power will work accurately to produce whatever impression is given to it in the silence.

There is relativity in metaphysics as there is in mathematics, and it should be our object in self-healing to take thought out of the relative and lift it through truth to the plane of the absolute where all is perfection. Apart from all that is relative we must impress the subconscious mind with those “facts of life” which obtain on the plane of the perfect or pure spirit.

Unless we do this we are not working as Jesus worked, and unless we labor as Jesus labored, we shall not get the results that characterized His efforts. The most practical method of procedure, according to the Christ method, is to look away from “appearances,” [185] or “relativity,” to the “real” which is the “ideal.” We must learn to think of things as they are in the spiritual universe, for by so doing we form in consciousness a true mental picture of what we are in spirit, and of what we wish to be in outward expression; it is the externalization of this mental picture which will effect the desired results. It is the seed from which the flower of health will proceed, but we must water and nurture it by constant affirmation.

We must daily weed our garden of thought so that no tares shall spring up in it to choke the seed of health of its vitality; for then we shall rejoice in that “Life more abundant” that is promised to them that think truly.

Remember that you are today what you thought yesterday, and you will be tomorrow what you think today; therefore, always think the best. Think health, and health shall be your portion; think abundance, and abundance shall flow through you; think peace, and you shall manifest it in tranquility.

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