The Realm of Reality (1922)

W. John Murray
Divine Science Publishing Association
New York, 1922

“Now, just as the picture on the canvas is a poor representation to the senses of the natural landscape, so the natural landscape is a poor reflection on a higher plane of that ‘better country’ of the mind whose ‘maker and builder is God.’ And lest we delude ourselves into thinking that this better country is something we can see only after we die, it might be well to state that it is that Realm of Reality, or Kingdom of Heaven within, of which Jesus spoke, and to which we have only to open the inner eye of the understanding in order to perceive.”
–W. John Murray

Table of Contents

Chapter I – The Unknown God
Pages 9-20

Chapter II – The Second Coming
Pages 21-34

Chapter III – Working with the Law
Pages 35-44

Chapter IV – The Creative Power of the Ideal
Pages 45-54

Chapter V – Self-Discovery Through Truth
Pages 55-63

Chapter VI – Walking by Faith
Pages 64-74

Chapter VII – Is Disease Real, or Apparent?
Pages 75-85

Chapter VIII – Health, and How to Obtain It
Pages 86-94

Chapter IX – Spiritual Medicine
Pages 95-105

Chapter X – Because of Your Unbelief
Pages 106-116

Chapter XI – The Will to Be Well
Pages 117-132

Chapter XII – Mind and Microbes
Pages 133-145

Chapter XIII – A New Beginning
Pages 146-158

Chapter XIV – Demonstrating Prosperity
Pages 159-169

Chapter XV – Inexhaustible Abundance
Pages 170-182

Chapter XVI – The Law of Attraction
Pages 183-192

Chapter XVII – The Law of Vibration
Pages 193-210

Chapter XVIII – Not According to Appearances
Pages 211-222

Chapter XIX – Pictures and Personalities
Pages 223-231

Chapter XX – Discouragement
Pages 232-239

Chapter XXI – Intuition
Pages 240-249

Chapter XXII – The Nativity and Maturity of Jesus
Pages 250-275

Chapter XXIII – Lost in Transit
Pages 276-286

Chapter XXIV – The Hidden Mystery
Pages 287-295

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