Lessons in Truth Study Course

The online study course on the book Lessons in Truth by H. Emilie Cady is no longer active or accepting new students, however the book is available online for free and current students should be able to log in and complete the course.

H Emilie Cady Lessons in Truth Dr. Harriet Emilie Cady was a homeopathic physician from New York, and a leading influence of New Thought in the late 1800s. Her series of articles (later published as the book) Lessons in Truth became the “textbook” for Unity Church and a wonderful spiritual guide for countless people across the globe.

The required books for this course are Lessons in Truth, which is completely provided for you online, and a Bible (any translation will do, and an online Bible is fine). Perhaps you’re new to Lessons in Truth or have read it countless times; you’re invited to join.

This study course utilizes the companion study guide from the book, as well as a discussion board for open-ended questions. Enrollment is ongoing and you may work at your own pace. Participation in the online discussion forum is highly encouraged and quizzes must be completed at the end of each lesson to advance to the next.

Fee: To ensure everyone has the chance to participate, there is no fee for enrollment when taking this course for personal enrichment. If you find this course helpful, please consider making a donation on this page.

Class credit: Students who wish to receive a mailed certificate of completion from the Piscean-Aquarian Ministry and class credit through The Samaritan Institute must pay a fee of $25. To receive credit, the student must average 80% on lesson quizzes and complete a 1,000-word essay summarizing the book and its application, Lessons in Truth.

Lessons in Truth Certificate of Completion
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Your facilitator is Rev. Joseph Allen of the New Thought Piscean-Aquarian Ministry. You can contact at any time through lessonsintruthgmail.com.

This is a big course and if you ever get ‘lost’ please click the course link at the top of every page to return back here.

You can enroll in this course from your student dashboard. You need to be logged in.

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