Foreword – Divine Science Hints to Bible Study

Agnes M. Lawson
Hints to Bible Study
The Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, 1920.

There are two ways of intelligently reading the Bible. One is the very reasonable method of modern scholarship, which gives us the authorship, growth, compilation and literary values of the Scriptures together with their historic background.

The other is to read in order to discern the revelation which God made of Himself to a “peculiar people”–peculiar in their supreme desire to know God; to ascertain man’s relationship to that God and for the inevitable consequence of this appropriated knowledge, the uplifted consciousness.

The first way is the method of scholarship and has high cultural values, the second is spiritual and is revelatory of the will of God.

There is another Bible than the printed page, it lies deep in the true nature of Man. Eternal life is man’s only as he becomes the living Book. God’s purpose in man is His own self expression.

When each can say with conviction of its Truth, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father,” we shall have found Religion itself, the one great Idea which is able to weld into one all of the children of men. True education is the subtle combination of the intellectual and the spiritual, a union which alone can break down the middle wall of partition which false religions have erected between man and the vital thing–the discovery and revelation of Jesus Christ.

Divine Science is the straight and narrow way to freedom of intellect and power of Soul. The Divine Science College desires to make this royal union and present it to man to a degree that is not surpassed by any institution in the world. So it is with joy that I dedicate this book to the corps of noble workers of this College, and to its president, the Reverend Nona L. Brooks, and acknowledge my gratitude for the absolute consecration of her life and work.

At one with this desire of the Colorado College of Divine Science, I desire to present to the world a religion that is narrow alone in its perception of the definitions and accuracy of Truth, but as broad and ample as the needs of man in its applications. The world is ready for such a new presentation of the age old Truth that Jesus demonstrated and taught.

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Hints to Bible Study
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