Divine Science Textbook – Its Principles and Practice

from the writings of Fannie B. James and Malinda E. Cramer

Please be aware this is not the entire book.  Visit the Divine Science Federation bookstore to purchase the complete book.  Many thanks to Reverend Terry for typing this up.

Preface: The Early History of Divine Science

I  Lesson One—Revelation

II  Lesson Two—Basis of Divine Science

III  Lesson Three—God and Man are One

IV  Lesson Four—Thought

V  Lesson Five—Work of Thought

VI  Lesson Six—Prayer

VII  Lesson Seven—Healing

VIII  Lesson Eight—Unfoldment

IX  Lesson Nine—Divine Science Interprets Some Important Doctrines – not available online

X  Lesson Ten—Practical Application of the Principle – not available online

XI  Lesson Eleven—Conclusion- not available online

XII  Lesson Twelve—Selected Inspirational Readings – not available online

* * * * *

Divine Science – Its Principle and Practice from the writings of Nona Brooks and Malinda Cramer

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