Lessons in Truth Glossary

A Brief Glossary of Truth Terms

Lessons in Truth

NOTE: The terms Truth (capitalized) and Unity are used to designate the principles taught by the Unity School of Christianity and presented to the public through its literature. The term Truth (capitalized) means that which is the fundamental and ultimate reality of anything. Truth may transcend fact. For instance, to a Unity student a person’s illness is fact, not Truth; he believes that the Truth about the person is wholeness; he believes that wholeness is God’s will for his children and that wholeness is the fundamental and ultimate reality of each person’s being.

Being–God; Diety.

being–finite existence.

consciousness–sum total of inner awareness.

demonstrate–to bring forth; reveal; prove.

demonstration–outward expression; proof.

Divine Mind–God.

manifest–to bring into form; to make evident to the senses; prove; give evidence of.

manifestation–that which has been brought forth as evident to the senses; express.

meditate–to contemplate or ponder; to dwell in thought.

metaphysics–that division of philosophy which includes the science of being or reality, or the science of the fundamental causes and processes in things.

principle–basic law.

reality–that which is absolute or ultimately true.

realization–clear, vivid knowing; understanding.

the silence–state of stillness, relaxation, and receptivity wherein one may experience the presence of God.

Spirit–God; Deity.

spirit–life; the principle.

spiritual consciousness–inner or intuitive awareness of the things of Spirit.

substance–the spiritual essence out of which all things are made.

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