Prove Me Now: Ten Lessons in Truth by Isidora H. Minard

Ten Lessons in Truth
Isidora H. Minard

Foreword to the 1926 Edition

“This course of ‘Ten Lessons in Truth’ was compiled by Mrs. (T. M.) Isidora Minard in 1903. The book was written with one great objective: to lighten the pathway of those who are in search for ‘Truth.’ The book filled a long felt want and several editions were quickly exhausted.

“For several years the book has been out of print, but ever and anon requests have come for copies, until the urge for reprinting this course of lessons could no longer be resisted.

“The lessons stand as they were written in 1903. The slight changes that were made are simply to bring out some points of these lessons more clearly, according to the further study of Truth. Truth, as every one knows, never changes, but man’s conception of Love and Truth has passed through many stages, from the earliest historic times up to the advent of Jesus, the Christ; and mankind through his daily search for Wisdom is receiving a greater and greater light and understanding of the ‘Principle’ the Gentle Nazarene gave to humanity.

“To one whom we loved and who has gone on to do her greater work in the Master’s vineyard, we dedicate this book.”

T. M. and M. D. Minard
Pastor and Assistant Pastor
The First Divine Science Church of Portland, Oregon.
November, 1926.

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