Studies in Divine Science by Mrs. C. L. Baum

Studies in Divine Science
By Mrs. C. L. Baum

Daisy M. (Mrs. C. L.) Baum

Daisy M. (Mrs. C. L.) Baum

Daisy May Davis was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 3, 1856. She was married to Charles Lockhard Baum in Keokuk, Iowa, on June 14, 1877, and moved to Denver in 1901 where she joined the newly-formed Divine Science Church. She became a close friend of church founder Miss Nona Brooks, and entered the work of Divine Science by becoming a teacher, practitioner, writer, and a board member. She served as the church’s First Vice President in 1916. She received her Primary Certificate from Nona’s sister, Mrs. Fannie B. James, in 1905. Mrs. Baum made her transition on November 11, 1923. [Source: Early History of Divine Science, by Louise McNamara Brooks.]

Table of Contents

Lesson I – Omnipresence
Lesson II – Realization
Lesson III – Overcoming
Lesson IV – Application
Lesson V – Helping Others
Lesson VI – Rules of Action
Lesson VII – Thought
Lesson VIII – The Word
Lesson IX – Healing
Lesson X – Non-Resistance
Lesson XI – Supply
Lesson XII – Service in Love
Lesson XIII – Joy
Lesson XIV – Spiritual Guidance
Lesson XV – Living the Life
Appendix – Guidance for Realization


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