Lesson 5 – Helping Others – Studies in Divine Science


Mrs. C. L. Baum
Studies in Divine Science
The Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, Colo., 4th ed., 1924.

It is desirable above all things for the student to get the idea that these teachings are practical in their application; but in order to develop them fully he must understand that giving is as great and necessary a part as receiving, and that his own unfoldment is aided greatly by trying to help others attain to a knowledge of the truth.

While a receptive attitude is always necessary to secure the best results from our efforts to help others, and while it is usually best to await the manifestation of desire on the part of others before attempting to present the truth to them, we can, nevertheless, do a great deal of good by simply keeping ourselves in proper tune; always declaring the power of truth and denying the reality of error; keeping the thought positive; recognizing the Omnipresence and our unity of life and purpose with it and with one another.

Before taking up the specific manner of helping others, let us see for a moment just why it is that we need help – how it is that we have gotten away from the truth. It must be recalled that every soul born into this world of ours is perfect, but without a consciousness of the truth concerning itself. As it unfolds in consciousness it receives manifold impressions from the external world and from the thought of those among whom its lot is cast. All of these impressions seem equally real and true, and so the soul begins an unfoldment that is a manifestation of mixed thought. It receives a little truth and much error, and shows forth a mixture of a little health and considerable sickness. It finds a modicum of peace in a world of turmoil; love mingled with hatred; joy marred by sorrow, and light turned only occasionally into the dark places.

Clearly, it is our work to release this soul from the bondage of error which gives rise to the belief that some darkness, sorrow, hatred and discord are the natural accompaniments of their positive opposites. We who are in the light and have the simplest knowledge of the truth may help such a person by declaring the truth and reality of all positive attributes and the unreality of all negation. Declaring the truth, speaking the word, giving a treatment, holding a thought – all these statements mean the same thing and refer to the recognition of Divine Mind and its perfection. They are the means of helping the soul out of ignorance into the light of truth.

All positive declarations of truth go out to help others. Our opportunities for work are independent of time and place. It makes no difference whether we sit in the silence and give a regular treatment, or whether we simply declare the truth as we happen to come in contact with a belief or appearance of error. We all have this power and can all help souls out of the darkness of their false beliefs.

In this connection we must be very careful not to agree with the delusions of the race, nor to assent to the many common expressions of error that we constantly hear. We have learned that only positive attributes are real and eternal, and that negative beliefs are unreal, merely indicating a lack of the positive. We must, therefore, so control our thought that we shall recognize truth instantly, and promptly deny all false beliefs. Think the thought, speak the word and perform the act that helps, heals, blesses and frees.

Intellectual power or ability is not necessary to the healing process. It makes but little difference what words are used; it is the conviction of the truth that counts. A treatment given in the most beautiful terms may be ineffectual on account of a lack of conviction of the truth. We cannot teach successfully that which we merely believe and in regard to which we may be undecided and irresolute; neither can we heal if our faith falters and our conviction wavers. The Truth is the All-power of the universe, and when we speak in unity with it our words will carry healing.

Let us now consider some specific case of healing in order that we may, perhaps, get a better idea of the actual proceedure. Remember, too, that spiritual consciousness grows through use, and that while your own beginning may appear small and insignificant, you have the unrealized power within you to do mighty works. Suppose that you are asked to treat a child. Enter the silence and know that God is present in the child as Life, Light, Love and Health; that the disease which now seems to control the child has no reality; that God knows no imperfection and sees only the truth in the child; that you see the Father’s Presence in the child as immortal Spirit Substance over which negation has no power. Place all your thought on the side of truth as you know it to exist in the child and you will thus restore a consciousness of health and eradicate the belief of disease. Rejoice confidently in the power of truth to overcome error and know that the restoration of the consciousness of truth will be manifested by the reappearance of health. Your own consciousness of the truth will restore in the child the true light which dissolves darkness, and healing will result.

Have no fear or doubt, but know positively that if the truth is realized, error in any form cannot exist, and that the external change will appear simultaneously with the inner change of thought. If a thought of fear comes to you, know that “fear has no power to hurt or harm, or to produce any claim whatever.” Do not watch symptoms or suggest external remedies, but keep your thoughts on the one perfect Presence and Power.

Practice healing, both for its effect on those who are in a negative state, as well as for your own unfoldment and growth in consciousness of the truth and its power.


Now do I begin my work of love by thinking and speaking the words of truth.
God is eternal and changeless Health.
I am the child of God, and live, move and have my being in him; therefore I live in Health, I move in Health, I have my being in Health.
Health is my real and eternal state.
Knowing this truth frees me from every appearance of discord.
I declare health for everyone who is not conscious of its presence.
Thou art the only Presence, and in thee is my eternal life.


Do you know a heart that hungers
For a word of love and cheer?
There are many such about us,
It may be that one is near.
Look around you. If you find it,
Speak the word that’s needed so,
And your own heart may be strengthened
By the help that you bestow.

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