The Divine Science Bible Textbook – The Flood

A. B. Fay, DSD
Divine Science Bible Textbook
Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, 1920.

This textbook was intended by the author to be used in conjunction with the Bible. Original page numbers and margin references are shown in brackets [ ].


Did God see that man was evil? No! Man never has been evil. God saw that the imaginations of his heart were evil. The imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth because of his youth.

[Gen. 6:5-7]

The flood is coming to each one of us every moment. It is the flood of light and Truth. It is going to wash away the darkness of my ignorance, it is going to show me myself in God’s image and likeness.

[Gen 7:21,22]

“All flesh perish from the earth,” the thought of the un-Godly will perish in the flesh. Everything that moves upon the earth shall be destroyed, everything that is low in its tendency.

The “dry and thirsty land”; the place where God is not recognized. Every thought which was resting in that place where God is not recognized was to be washed away in the flood.

Ark: consciousness of our true Being, safety.
Windows of heaven: eyes of the soul opened.
Waters: possibilities.
Flood: fuller realization, washed away every conception, purified thought.

Noah waited forty days.

Birds sent out: perfect thoughts.
Mountains: high visions.
Rainbow of promise: represents law and order in nature, a symbol of God’s promise.

Noah stayed in the ark until God commanded [106] him to go forth and let his light shine; his first act was to build an altar to the Lord and offer sacrifice, then he received God’s promise and God’s “promise” is law.

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