The Divine Science Bible Textbook – The Tower of Babel

A. B. Fay, DSD
Divine Science Bible Textbook
Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, 1920.

This textbook was intended by the author to be used in conjunction with the Bible. Original page numbers and margin references are shown in brackets [ ].


The “Tower of Babel” means man trying to work his own way to heaven, trying to get through his own personal effort that which God had already given him.

[John 16:12-13, 17:3]

Personality is our greatest enemy. Self, individuality, is divine, but the personality which we have let cluster around the real self is the enemy. This personal belief always tries to build its own way to heaven. Our effort, our motive, is to be impersonal. The Tower of Babel we try to build is sure to end in confusion.

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