The Murray Course in Divine Science

A complete course in the basic principles of Divine Science.

Rev. W. John Murray
Society of the Healing Christ

A Self-Guided Course of Instruction.

Originally issued as a series of 14 staple-bound booklets, this excellent course allows students worldwide to learn more about the Divine Science teachings. Each lesson is followed by a wealth of supplemental material including Affirmations & Denials, suggestions for the Silence, methods for the practical application of the Divine Science teachings, plus a series of study questions.

To derive maximum gain from the Murray Course it is essential that the student read the chapters of the books which supplement each Lesson.

Read Rev. Murray’s own answers to the lesson questions by clicking here.

Welcome Letter
LESSON I: – Life, Health and Religion
LESSON II: – The Brain and the Mind
LESSON III: – Influence of Mind over Body
LESSON IV: – Health and Success
LESSON V: – The Old Thought and the New
LESSON VII: – Jesus the Christ
LESSON VIII: – Jesus the Healer
LESSON IX: – Soul and Body
LESSON X: – Faith
LESSON XI: – The Power of the Word
LESSON XII – Prayer and Contemplation
LESSON XIII – Consciousness
LESSON XIV – Correspondences


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