Lesson 2 – Short Lessons in Divine Science – Apply The Truth of Omnipresence

Lesson 2

Nona L. Brooks
Short Lessons in Divine Science
© 1940 by Nona Brooks
Divine Science Federation International
Denver, 6th ed., 1973

Purpose: To show that, through the application of Truth to the experiences of the day, each one of us may banish sickness and all inharmony.

[9] This little book is for students, and it is taken for granted that you who are reading this lesson now have been faithful in your study and practice of Omnipresence, and that consequently you have realized the blessedness of a fuller understanding of its Truth.

Now, the questions come: “How can I make this Truth practical in my own life?” “How can I apply it more definitely to the experiences of the day?” “How can I use it in helping others to freedom from sickness and inharmony of every kind?”

The following suggestions are helpful:

Let us think of Omnipresence as Mind–the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of the Universal One, which evidences Itself as intelligence in the forms and forces of nature. In this understanding our affirmations will be:

Omnipresence is Mind, the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of the Universe.

Mind is here.

Mind includes me.

The province of Mind is to think.

[10] The Universal Mind thinks according to Its Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

Thought, the activity of Mind, is the Creative Power of the Universe.

All things (forms) are thoughts of God.

The Law of the Universe is–Like begets like; thought is like the thinker.

God-Thought is Godlike; hence, God pronounces His Creation Good.

Universal Intelligence–God Mind active everywhere–Substance in manifestation–is Form, Man, the Individual.

Like begets like–the Individual is Godlike.

The individual is begotten of God-Substance, Spirit; is formed by God-Intelligence; is partaker of God-Nature, Goodness.

This is the true state of Man.

All Substance is God-Substance; hence all Substance is perfect.

Substance does not change its nature by taking form.

Man, begotten of the Father, the Perfect Source, is perfect.

Each man can say, “My true state is perfection.”

Study the foregoing until it is yours.

Now let us apply this Principle to the problems of the day.

In sickness what should we do?

Sit quietly and alone. Think for a few moments: God is here. Read thoughtfully the preceding affirmations. When our thought, [11] through this method, has been fully withdrawn from externals, let us repeat several times: “God is Love; God is Peace.” There comes a wonderful sense of the Presence; a great joy fills us because we are certain, very certain, of God and of God’s Goodness.

While the blessedness of this realization is upon us let us turn our thought in deep love to the one whom we wish to help. We must forget the claim of sickness, or weakness, that is being made for him and by him, and know only the Truth. It helps sometimes to think directly to the person: “You are God’s child; God’s love surrounds you and cares for you; God’s Life is yours. In the light of the Great Reality I see you perfect, free from the delusion of sin, sickness, death. I see you whole with God’s Wholeness; I rejoice to speak this word for you; it is the Father that speaketh in me. The word of God is powerful to bless.”

Never stop treating until you have made yourself certain of the truth, and with this certainty comes a feeling of rest; personal responsibility slips away as the assurance of God, the Living Factor in our lives, comes.

However, do not think that you have done your full part with this treatment. There is more help that you can give, and that is to take with you into the activities of the day this faith that you have realized in your time of meditation. Do not give credence to human opinion in regard to your patient.

Have faith in God’s Presence as the Reality that is greater than climate, food, so-called material conditions, or human conceptions.

[12] Again, if you wish to bring about concord between two persons where inharmony has seemed to prevail, the method would be the same. The thought emphasized should be that they both partake of the One Nature, Love, and that “Love is the Divine Adjuster.”

If you wish to realize supply, withdraw thought from the contemplation of lack and its accompanying inconveniences, and give full attention to ever present abundance.

For fuller explanation and help toward the realization of this abundance, which is now yours, I urge you to study our other publications and our text-book.

Live as if you believed in abundance; pay every debt, no matter how great the sacrifice; be true in every business transaction; be generous in attitude.

Rejoice in your good.

Demonstration is money in hand. Do not spend ahead of your realization, but get the realization of plenty. God is Abundance, and the Father has said, “All mine is thine.”

What is the conclusion of the whole matter? What is the psychology of Divine Science? That we live in a Universe of Mind whose activity is Thought or Life.

That there is but One Mind. That we are dealing with One Mind, not many minds.

That all of our functions have a spiritual import. That we think and act in and by the One Mind. Hence, Life abounds in the richness of Universal Thinking. The truth of life is the [13] truth of the Individual, Life’s expression. Each man can say, “I live in Universal Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding. This realization frees me from every limitation placed upon me by my misconceptions or those of the race.

“God is my Father; I have no human heritage of thinking or of doing.

“God is my environment; I know no other presence.

“Love is my nature; I acknowledge no opposite.

“In God I am complete.”

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