Why I Am a Divine Scientist by Nona Brooks

The dictionary gives “divine” as that which pertains to God; and “science” as knowledge coordinated, arranged and systematized. Then let us think of Divine Science as the knowledge of God systematized with reference to the fundamental principles of life and the method of highest individual attainment.

Divine Science is a philosophy, a science and a religion: it covers the entire field of life, universal and individual. It deals with fundamental principles and the laws by which they can be demonstrated in one’s life, in the life of every human being when he applies them faithfully. Through the study and application of Divine Science we can attain an ever higher and higher realization of life eternal, the gift of God to us, his children.

As a philosophy, Divine Science satisfies my intellect. It is reasonable. It satisfies my needs as an individual by giving me a working basis for daily living through which I may realize the truth that its philosophy teaches.

As a science, Divine Science shows us the value of systematizing our knowledge of God. System is necessary in all attainment, why not in our study of the One Universal Presence? Knowledge is of much more value to us if it is in usable form.

As a religion, Divine Science satisfies my heart: it brings me in touch with life in an understanding way. It regards and interprets man and the facts and forms of life in a logical way from the standpoint of the universal. Omnipresence is its basic principle, the basis of all its teachings. It is important in the life of every one that he accept the omnipresence of God definitely, not merely intellectually, but as a foundation principle by which to live. If this were done by all human beings there would develop in us the consciousness of unity (love), which would transform the world. There could be no more quarrels: gossip would cease: criticism, which stirs up so much inharmony, would fall away: wars would be no more: life on this beloved planet would be what it should be, harmonious throughout, abounding in good at every point. We should then realize the abundant life, which Jesus said he wished to reveal to the world. We should be living in a very haven of beauty and wonder and joy, for through Divine Science one gains a new realization of the universe and of all life.

The moment one postulates the Omnipresence of God as a principle to live by, to be demonstrated, life comes to have a new meaning to him, a rich and blessed meaning. Divine Science gives the fullest and most consistent interpretation of Omnipresence. It points its students to this truth as the basis of their thinking and living. They are not trammeled by personal leadership. Never have I known a religion or a philosophy that dealt with Omnipresence so earnestly and so deeply as a working hypothesis, a sure basis for right thinking and true living.

Divine Science teaches us to think in accord with this fundamental Principle and to live in accord with it. With the thought of God everywhere present as our guide at all times, we are not in need of personal leaders or outside helps. The practice of this foundation truth in thinking and in living brings its own individual revelation of truth. This proves to us that God is open to every earnest seeker. While leaders and others may be helpful, we should not say that anything is true because someone says it is the truth. Divine Science believes in the Voice of God in the soul of man as the only certain guide.

Divine Science is progressive. Its teachings never point to finality in outer expression. It never says to us, “Here is the end.” As a religion it teaches and expects continuous revelation, as Jesus expected it. Jesus did not tell us that we could never know aught except what he had given us. Jesus told his disciples that the Spirit would lead them into all truth and that men would do greater works in the future than he had done, if they would be true spiritually. Jesus and Paul both taught that we work out our own salvation through seeking and living the highest spiritual truth. By bringing the truth we know into our daily living, we come to perceive and understand still greater truth.

The whole of truth is always here, open to us: however, it is necessary that we find it for ourselves. Each of us, in order to come into an understanding knowledge, must have his own revelation of the truth of God. This throws the responsibility of the spiritual unfoldment of the individual upon the individual himself. It shows us that no one can take another and put him in the Kingdom of God but the realization of the glories of this kingdom depends upon each of us. The Spirit of Truth leads us into all truth, for the Spirit is open and ready to lead.

Divine Science is inclusive. It endeavors to understand and interpret, not to deny. The only things that this teaching denies are those that are unlike God – self centeredness, impurity, separation and lack, with their dire results, sin, sickness, death. It accepts God in fullness and sees his universe as a living organism to be understood and trusted by the one who is open to truth and free to understand.

Divine Science teaches that man is in God, of God and like God. Omnipresence, its supreme affirmation, shows that God includes man; “In him we live, move and have our being,” says Paul. God not only includes man but “He hath given us of his spirit;” God is within man. Paul speaks of this divinity within man as the Christ of us; “Christ in you your hope of glory,” “Ye have the mind of Christ.” We believe that God includes the body of man also. Therefore we do not deny the body or the visible universe, instead we glorify them; therefore we believe in healing which means that man comes into the realization of his rightful body, his Divine Body, his God-given Form. Those who understand the Presence and who feel that they are children of this One, the living Reality, know that healing means.

We realize that God is not a respecter of persons; God does not select certain ones for his special blessings. God is universal life, health, harmony, and these belong to each of us. We are given the right of choice, to accept or reject these gifts. Each of us may choose health and be healed, if he does his part.

Divine Science does not deny process: God is continually expressing himself, his creative power is forever active and man is always coming to know more and more of truth. We believe in evolution – God emerging more and more into the consciousness of man and man becoming more and more aware of what God is and of what God does. Evolution is merely God’s method of creating. The rose does not come into being full blown but unfolds through a wonderful and beautiful process until it presents to our appreciative eyes the Divine Idea worked out by a divine plan. Man does not spring into being full grown – what we should miss if he did, if there were no babies, no children; God’s way is always the best. When we really know Life, we shall see that there is only God and God in action, and that all process is good.

Divine Science affirms that we have a right to the perfect body. We cannot study biology and not believe that the body is the living presence of God and as such we glorify it by knowing it to be God’s spoken word.

One of the joys of Divine Science is that it includes in its outlook every process of life, from the tiniest to the sublimest, and declares that God is in action in each one, unfolding His plan, impelling the different forms of nature to move forward.

We feel assured that the inner process that is going on in man has no end. We cannot fully conceive infinity, but we know that love is an infinite and universal quality and that all process is in the care of this love. Therefore we look forward to an eternity of joy for we believe there is continuous and limitless revelation ahead. Life is the immediate as well as the infinite presence of God.

I believe that Omnipresence leads us to the sanest and truest interpretation of life. It brings to one who fully understands it a feeling of unity with his fellow man. I never really loved Jesus and found companionable until I studied his life in the light of omnipresence. I think of him now as a elder brother who came to show us the Father, for his emphasis is never upon himself but always upon God.

Divine Science gives us the highest ideals and it also gives us the assurance that we can live up to them. It has the optimism of true knowledge for it says, “Truth can be known and demonstrated. Here and now it can be done. Millions are proving this.”

When I was a child I was told occasionally of a God of love and power, but oftener there was impressed upon me that God was angry with the wicked every day; and with that I was told that I was a sinner and cold not please God. Total depravity was a doctrine put to the front of nearly every sermon. I came to believe that I was weak and sinful. I became hopeless so far as God and myself were concerned. What terrible psychology to bring a child up on. I was much concerned that we must go on sinning. It was useless the to try to do anything else. You can imagine what a comfort it was to me when I learned the meaning of omnipresence; it taught me that I am one with the God of love and power and within me is the ability to live up to the divine ideal.

Through this teaching I have learned that health is the spiritual reality and that it includes environment as well as body; that God’s will for us is freedom and happiness. There are millions today who believe this and who are proving the truth of God’s presence and power in their daily lives by their release from sin and sickness. Think of it! The knowledge of God’s universal presence and the application of that truth to our daily experiences brings to the student the realization of the abundant life, the life of health, harmony, power; the life that abounds in good and that frees us from every limitation.

The teaching of Divine Science is, I believe, the nearest to Jesus’ message of any I have found, after years of study of many other religions. It is Jesus’ idea of salvation. Divine Science calls us to truer livings; it places upon each one of us the responsibility of using the principle he accepts steadfastly until he realizes is deepest and fullest meaning.

Divine Science rejoices in the truth wherever it is found; in those who sometimes claim that they are not religious, in other churches by whatever name they are called. It says to the individual, “Come to this church if it gives you what you need. If not, go where you find the most satisfaction, and God bless you.” I have been asked, “Miss Brooks, is it fair for others to come to this church to get what you are giving, then take it to another church?”

I answer, “One of the best things about this teaching is its interpretation of Truth. We are not working to build organization or sect. There is something much bigger than any organization and we must work for the larger thing. It is of course necessary to have a name. I wish it were not. We should all be workers in the body of Christ.”

We rejoice in the truth wherever given. We believe we have something worthwhile to give here and now. We invite others to share it with us. We are happy when they are benefited by their contact with us. We do

not limit them, we encourage them to work for the Church Invisible – the Church Universal.

Our method of work is similar to all other metaphysical groups. In a nutshell, it is this: Keep your thoughts and feelings true to the foundation principle of the universe, God’s universal presence. This will bring the realization of God’s immediacy. Here are some affirmations we like to make. They are very simple but they give briefly the truth of every moment; the truth which when realized through our practice of true thinking brings us the realization of health, peace and power:

God is everywhere, therefore God is here.

What God is is everywhere, therefore what God is is here.

Health, joy, love, wisdom, supply and power are here. Whatever God is is here.

This knowledge is my certainty of good.

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