Chapter 30 – Treatments For Self-Development – Dynamics For Living

Chapter 30

Charles Fillmore
Dynamics For Living

Treatment to Realize God

There is one Presence, one Intelligence, one Substance, one Life: the good omnipotent. God is the name of the everywhere present Principle.

Thy name is Spirit. I know Thee as the one all-seeing Mind.

Treatment to Realize Spiritual Sonship

I am the son of God, and the Spirit of the Most High dwells in me. I am the only begotten son, dwelling in the bosom of the Father. I am the Christ of God. I am the beloved son in whom the Father is well pleased. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. I and my Father are one. I am the image and likeness of God, in whom is my perfection. All that the Father has is mine.

Thou art always with me as indwelling wisdom and love. Thy law is now the standard of my life, and I am at peace. Thou art never absent from me. I dwell in Thee and share Thine omnipotence. In Thee is my perfection.

Treatment to Know the Truth

God is Truth. The Truth is: God is Principle, Law, Being, Mind, Spirit, All-Good, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, unchangeable, Creator, Father, Cause, and Source of all that is. God is individually formed in consciousness in each of us, and is known to us as “Father” when we recognize Him within us as our Creator, as our mind, as our life, as our very being. Mind has ideas and ideas have expression. All manifestation in our world is the result of the ideas that we are holding in mind and are expressing. To bring forth or to manifest the harmony of Divine Mind, or the “kingdom of heaven,” all our beliefs must be one with divine ideas, and must be expressed in the divine order of Divine Mind.

Treatment to Realize the Spiritual Ideal

My highest ideal is a perfect man. My next highest ideal is that I am that perfect man. I am identity demonstrated. My perfection is now established in Divine Mind. I am one with Almightiness. Through Christ I have dominion over my every thought and word. Of a truth I am the son of God.

Treatment to Realize Perfect Manifestation

My “life is hid with Christ in God.” I am the substance of Being made manifest. I am formed in the perfection of the divine-idea man, Christ Jesus. My body is the temple of the living God, and the glory of the Lord fills the temple. My body is not material; it is spiritual and perfect in all its being. By seeing perfection in all things, I help to make it manifest. I see in mind that perfect character which I desire to be.

Treatment to Realize Light

The glory of the Lord is risen upon me, and I walk in the light of life. Christ within me is my glory. The brightness of His presence casts out all the darkness of error, and my whole body is full of light. My understanding is illumined by Spirit.

Treatment to Develop One’s Viewpoint

The Christ of God is born in my consciousness, and I am glorified in my understanding. My understanding is established in Divine Mind. My spirit is quickened in Christ. I know the reality back of the shadows. I see the light of the Christ consciousness always. I see perfection in all forms and shapes.

Treatment for Right Thinking

With my mind’s eye I see more and more the reality of the true ideas ever existing in divine principle. I firmly believe in the guiding Intelligence that directs all my thoughts. I am in authority, I say to this thought, “‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes.” Where my thoughts are gathered together in my Christ name, there I am in the midst of them.

I will think no evil, for Thou art always with me. I think Thy thoughts after Thee.

Treatment to Realize Freedom

God is good, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in the reality of evil in any of its forms. God is life, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in the reality of loss of life, or death. God is power and strength, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in inefficiency and weakness. God is wisdom, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in ignorance. God is spiritual substance, and God is all; therefore there is no reality in the limitations of matter. God is inexhaustible resource, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in the reality of lack or poverty. God is love, and God is all; therefore I refuse to believe in hate or revenge.

Treatment to Realize Substance

I believe in the presence and power of the one Mind, and it is to me substantial intelligence. Holding continuously to the reality of things spiritual establishes them in mind–they become mental substance. My mind is opened anew to the splendor of God’s kingdom, and a flood of rich substance now pours itself into my affairs.

Treatment to Develop Faith

The understanding of Spirit clarifies my faith. My faith is of God and in God. My faith grows greater day by day, because it is planted in Truth, and through it the mountains of mortal error are moved into the sea of nothingness. My doubts and fears are dissolved and dissipated; in confidence and peace I rest in God’s unchangeable law. My faith comprehends the beauty of wholeness. I am persuaded that God is able, that He is willing, that He is eager to give me whatsoever I ask.

Treatment to Develop the Body

My body does not starve for my love and appreciation of it. I recognize it, honor it, and love it as the body temple of the living God. I have now the only body I ever had. Though I were reincarnated a thousand times, yet is my body the same. It is I. Its appearance depends upon my beliefs and thoughts and changes accordingly, but it is always the same body, even as my soul and spirit are always the same. My body is as much a part of my individuality as my soul. It is eternal, like any other part of my I. It is I, even as my soul is I. My body came from no one but God. It came from Him with my spirit and soul and has ever coexisted with them. These three are one, inseparable. I do not own my body: I am body. I do not own my soul: I am soul. I do not own my spirit: I am spirit. These three are one. I am. I am in every cell of my body. I am every cell of my body. I do not disown my body. I do not withdraw my I, but I take possession–full possession–of every part in the name of the Lord. My body is life, purity, wholeness, sinlessness. In my flesh I see God. What I see, what I behold, becomes manifest.

Denial Treatment for Well-Being

I deny that I inherit any belief that in any way limits me in health, virtue, intelligence, or power to do good. Those with whom I associate can no longer make me believe that I am a poor worm of the dust. The race belief that “nature dominates man” no longer holds me in bondage, and I am now free from every belief that might in any way interfere with my perfect expression of health, wealth, peace, prosperity, and perfect satisfaction in every department of life. By my all-powerful word, in the sign and presence of Almighty God, I now unformulate and destroy every foolish and ignorant assumption that might impede my march to perfection. My word is the measure of my power. I have spoken, and it shall be so.

Affirmation Treatment for Well-Being

I am unlimited in my power, and I have increasing health, strength, life, love, wisdom, boldness, freedom, charity, and meekness, now and forever. I am now in harmony with the Father, and stronger than any mortal law. I know my birthright in pure Being, and I boldly assert my perfect freedom. In this knowledge I am enduring, pure, peaceful, and happy. I am dignified and definite, yet meek and lowly, in all that I think and do. I am one with and I now fully manifest vigorous life, wisdom, and spiritual understanding. I am one with and I now fully manifest love, charity, justice, kindness, and generosity. I am one with and I now fully manifest infinite goodness and mercy. Peace floweth like a river through my mind, and I thank Thee, O God, that I am one with Thee!

The Sevenfold Cleansing of the Temple

The eye represents the discerning capacity of the mind.

My eyes are no longer darkened by thought of deception, concealment, or lust. The cleansing life and light of Spirit make pure and clean these eyes, and through all-seeing Mind I have spiritual vision.

The ear represents the receptive capacity of the mind.

My ears are no longer stopped by the sensitiveness and willfullness of the little self. I am no longer bound by personality. I now bathe in the great ocean of life, and I am free in boundless Spirit. I hear the voice of Truth only and rejoice.

The nose represents the initiative capacity of the mind.

The cleansing life of Spirit frees my mind of all thoughts of fear, timidity, and incapacity. I am bold, free, courageous Spirit, and I can do all things through Christ.

The tongue represents the judging capacity of the mind.

Sense appetite no longer clogs the clear discernment of my spiritual judgment. The cleansing life of Spirit quickens and cleanses my taste, and I eat and drink only what my body requires under divine law.

Feeling represents the loving capacity of the mind.

I am no longer in bondage to the thought that sensation is in matter. The cleansing life of Spirit dissolves all fleshly lust for sense pleasure. I am Spirit, and I desire the clean, pure currents of life to flow through every part of my body, so that all may be made clean.

Intuition is the natural knowing capacity of the mind.

The cleansing life of Spirit purifies my heart, and I trust the “still small voice” within my soul.

Telepathy is thought interchange.

The cleansing life of Spirit clears my mind of ignorance and materiality, and I see the activity of ideas and understand their import independently of human language. As God gave Daniel “learning and skill in all letters and wisdom, and . . . understanding in all visions and dreams,” so He gives me and all His children the original ideas of His great mind to use as we will.

Treatment to Develop Prosperity

Infinite wisdom guides me, divine love prospers me, and I am successful in everything I undertake. In quietness and confidence I affirm the drawing power of divine love as my magnet of constantly increasing supply. I have unbounded faith in the omnipresent substance increasing and multiplying at my word of plenty, plenty, plenty. I trust the universal Spirit of prosperity in all my affairs. I come to God because I believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that seek after Him. I give freely and fearlessly, fulfilling the law of giving and receiving. Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies this offering.

Father, I thank Thee for unlimited increase in mind, money, and affairs.

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