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Always on man’s pathway is his message or his lead.

For example: A woman was much troubled over an unhappy situation. She thought to herself, “Will it ever clear up?”

Her maid was standing near and commenced to tell her of her experiences. The woman was too worried to be interested but listened patiently. The maid was saying: “I worked in a hotel once where there was a very amusing gardener, he always said such funny things. It had been raining for three days and I said to him: ‘Do you think it will ever clear up?’ And he replied, ‘My God, doesn’t it always clear up?'”

The woman was amazed! It was the answer to her thoughts. She said reverently, “Yes, with my God it always clears up!” Soon after, her problem did clear up in an unexpected way.



Infinite Spirit, give me wisdom to make the most of my opportunities.

Never let me miss a trick.


I am always under direct inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.


My angel of destiny goes before me, keeping me in the Way.


All power is given unto me to be meek and lowly of heart.

I am willing to come last, therefore, I come first!


I now place my personal will upon the altar.

Your will, not my will; Your way not my way; Your time not my time—and in the twinkling of an eye it is done!


There are no mysteries in the Kingdom. Whatever I should know will now be revealed to me, under grace.


I am a perfect non-resistant instrument for God to work through, and His perfect plan for me now comes to pass in a magic way.

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