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Book – Making Your Self the Master

Dr. Harvey Hardman took over the pulpit at The First Divine Science Church of Denver from Nona Brooks upon her resignation. He was also editor of the Divine Science Monthly.

The following excerpt is from:
Powerful is the Light: The Story of Nona Brooks
by Hazel Deane, 1945.
Reprinted by The First Divine Science Church
Denver, 1987:

So Nona continued to present her resignation to her Board, presenting the idea repeatedly, persuading them that this was the thing to do…

“But whom shall we have as minister?” they asked, for at first there was no one in view.

“We’ll make our demand for the right man to forward the work,” said Nona, and there the decision rested.

It was in January that a man named Harvey Hardman stopped off in Denver to call on Nona Brooks whom he had never met. From New York City he had gone west to California, hoping to find new connections. But California, abounding with cults of every description offered him nothing that seemed advantageous, so he was delighted to remain in Denver over Sunday and to speak at the Denver church.

Was this the man, the right one, the answer to their desire?

“What do you think of him, Miss Brooks?”

Nona said, noncommittally, “It’s for you to decide.”

That was part of the picture–that the Board should come to make its own decisions.

They said, “Let’s try him for a month.”

So Harvey Hardman came, and Harvey Hardman remained…”

[pages 175, 176]



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