Making Your Self the Master by Harvey Hardman (1935) Divine Science

© Harvey Hardman
Denver, Colorado, 1935.

Harvey Hardman was a minister at The First Divine Science Church of Denver in the 1930’s.

Table of Contents
I. Does Mankind Need a New Religion?
II. Divine Science
III. The Universal Father
IV. My Father’s House
V. The Infinite Mother
VI. The Law of Subconscious Mind-Power
VII. The Universal Son
VIII. Making Your Self the Master
IX. Christ’s Code for Mankind
X. A Religion for Everyday Living
XI. God Talks with a Discouraged Man
XII. Divine Guidance and Personal Will
XIII. Living Above Trouble
XIV. The Unseen Measurer
XV. The Law of Abundance
XVI. Mental Law and Personal Destiny
XVII. Thinking Through
XVIII. Science and the Emotional Life
XIX. Life and Its Bodies
XX. Life and Death
XXI. Facing the Issue

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