Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters – In Appreciation

Myrtle Fillmore
Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters

This book is made up of extracts from the letters of Myrtle Page Fillmore, “mother of Unity,” as she was lovingly called and as she was in its founding. By her mothering spirit of love and faith and service, in cooperation with her husband Charles Fillmore, she molded Unity and upheld it during the years of its growth.

As the letters from which these extracts were taken blessed and lifted those to whom they were sent, it is hoped that they will do this for others as they go forth in printed form; that they will bless students everywhere and thus extend Myrtle Fillmore’s ministry on this plane, as she is now extending it on that other plane to which she said she was called for another phase of Christ ministry.

The preparation of these pages for your perusal has been a service of love undertaken in appreciation of a great soul. It has been like being again in her presence and receiving instruction and inspiration from the Christ Mind that spoke so freely through her; like receiving a benediction from her. May you, too, as you read these pages, receive from that Christ to whom she always pointed all who came to her, some of the fire of her inspiration, some of the steadfastness of her faith, some of the zeal she had for Truth, as well as the wisdom and understanding with which she handled all problems, the love she so freely bestowed on all; and may you, as you are lifted, use these Christ attributes as she used them: to inspire others and lift the race in its ongoing to glory.

Frances W. Foulks

My Love to Thee

Adapted from “The Rosary”

By Myrtle Fillmore

The hours I’ve spent with Thee, dear Lord,
Are pearls of priceless worth to me.
My soul, my being merge in sweet accord
In love for Thee; in love for Thee.
Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer,
Binding Thy presence close to me;
I only know that Thou art there, and I
Am lost in Thee.
Oh, glorious joys that thrill and bless!
Oh, visions sweet of love divine!
My soul its rapturous bliss can ill express
That Thou art mine, O Lord! that Thou art mine.

Chapter 1: Myrtle Fillmore

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Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters
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