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Mrs. C. L. Baum
Studies in Divine Science
The Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, Colo., 4th ed., 1924.


Sit quietly and dismiss as far as possible, all thought regarding external appearances.

In order that our thought may be concentrated, we close our eyes and give ourselves up to the conscious realization of the Divine Presence everywhere.

First we recognize the One that is Omnipresent as perfect Substance and Life.

Next we see this One that is All, as the Substance, Life, Health and Strength of the individual who, not knowing the truth of his own Divine Nature, needs to be awakened.

Third we see the unreality, the untruth and the delusion of all sickness, disease, sorrow and sin.

Last we declare the truth for him until fully conscious of it in our own thought, and finally we rejoice and give thanks that he was whole and well even before we spoke the healing word, and our patient had needed only to awaken to the truth to be conscious of it for himself.


The first law of Mind is a law of normal, natural, harmonious and perfect action unto every organ of my body.

The second law of Mind is a law of life, health, strength, power, wholeness, harmony and perfection unto me, into my body, unto all that is included in my body.

The third law of Mind is a law of elimination of all erroneous beliefs and the retention of all truth concerning my body. These laws are being enforced in and through me now.


I am that Spirit which is Immortal.
I am that Peace which is Freedom.
I am that Health which is Changeless.
I am that Wisdom which is Perfect.
I am that Nature which is Harmony.
I am that Life which is Eternal.
I am that Law which is Order.
I am that Activity which is equal to every demand.
I am that Success which is Prosperity.
I am that Supply which is Abundance.
I am that Love which is Conscious Unity.
This is the Truth of my Divinity and knowing this Truth makes me free.


God is all there is, both Unmanifest and Manifest.
The Truth of the Unmanifest is the Truth of the Manifest.
Man, the Perfect Manifestation of God, has no material body and no physical life.
Born of God, His form is Spirit Substance; his life is the Eternal Ceaseless activity of the Creative Power within him.
His experiences are wholly mental and are changed from discord to Harmony as he learns the Truth of himself.
He sees the world about him according to his erroneous beliefs or his Knowledge of Truth.
He is ever unfolding into the fuller vision of Truth, into more realization of Love which is his true nature and into full consciousness of Wholeness and Perfection which is his Eternal State of Being.


Divine Intelligence creates and maintains my body in Perfect Integrity.
Divine Life vitalizes and establishes my body in Perfect Health.
Divine Love opens and expands every channel of my body in Perfect Freedom.
I do not make these Laws.
I cannot break them.
I can only recognize and become conscious of their Perfect action through me.


Moving upon and within all creation is the Invisible, Silent, Infinite and Changeless Spirit of Wisdom, Power and Love.
This Spirit, with its ceaseless creative activity, is bringing Form into expression out of its own Substance.
This Spirit is not mesmerized or influenced by human beliefs or opinions. Its creation is like unto itself, pure, perfect and harmonious.
As I, the Individual, realize this Truth, I perceive that my body, coming into existence through the Eternal Law of Divine Expression, is at peace with its Source and is now perfect and complete. So let it be.


The Spirit within me is Wholeness, Health and Perfection. This Spirit, all pervading, is not disturbed by my feelings or my sensations. It is the only reality, and that which I call ‘thought’ is the vehicle for its conscious expression.

My body does not give me health or refuse me health. Health is established forever as the Divine and Perfect State of every expression of God. I am now conscious of this Truth, and in thought and word acknowledge only Health as the Reality of my body.


God hath not given me a Spirit of fear; for I am the Spirit of Love, and of Power, and I have the Sound Mind. I express in perfect intelligence; for the Inspiration of the Almighty gives me understanding for every need. In my Divine nature all Truth is understood and it is normal and natural for me, the expression of God, to bear witness to the Truth of my Divinity. My body does not hinder or retard the expression of Truth, Power or Love. The fullness of all Good is mine now and I realize it and it is made manifest in all my affairs.

By Mrs. Fannie B. James

The image and likeness of God can not be sick.

My dear sister (brother, or friend), this that you are calling sickness – and you call it this because the world calls it so – has no true place in you, nor any power over you. The Truth has made you free – the Truth that God is the Only real Presence and the Only true Power. Sickness and suffering can not dwell in that Presence. You live in that Presence and are one with it. That perfect Presence is your Mind, your Life and your Substance. In it you are perfect now and you know this is true for this Presence gives you knowledge. There is none beside God.

You are one with God in your Mind, your thought and your body. The Divine Presence keeps the whole of you within its loving Power and nothing can make you afraid. Everything comes from God; therefore no sin or sickness can come to you. Not even a belief of these can come into your thought. You are free now. You are well now and you know this is true.

By Mrs. Anna L. Palmer

Let the Individual turn to the fact of the All Good, realizing the truth that within the All Good he is contained.

Sit for a few minutes and quietly dwell upon this fact, knowing that the realization of Truth brings into visibility all fullness.

For definite knowledge of supply say often:

“I am that Life which God is and of His fullness have I already received.”

Deny firmly the belief and opinion that you can lack anything, and declare consciously, “The substance for all my needs is now with me.” Begin daily to realize the wonderful gift of God’s Power in you as a center of activity.

Know within your self the Power to accomplish through your own talents a perfect and definite work. Praise for your blessings – praise hourly and daily and “forget not all His benefits.”

Know that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom and believe the Kingdom of God is at hand and Now is the appointed time.

By Mrs. Josephine L. Preston

That you may prove to yourself that God is Health in your body, practice in your Silence the following statements:

The great All-knowing presence of God is Omnipresent Perfection. Health is the changeless state of this Perfect Presence – its Substance, Activity and Nature actually expressing me now. Every moment I am renewed in its abundance of Life. All habits of unrest and anxiety are dissolved in the perfect loving Now. My thoughts are health thoughts. My words are health words. My wholeness is in God. I consciously co-operate with the highest I know. I do not watch the body. I trust God to unfold it in its own perfect way. God is living in me now. God is strengthening me now. God is manifesting me now. God is healing me now.

By Rev. Charles Edgar Prather

I am the living expression of God, created in His image and likeness. I see my Self in its purity, peace and power, without spot or blemish. I am joyous and free, basking in the sunlight of His love. I am strong and powerful, filled with the activity of Life. I am wise, receiving the illumination of Spirit. I am a radiating center of Life, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Health; for God is the Source and Substance of my being. My thought of personality is now supplanted with the true thought of my being the Individual Expression of God, for the “Father within me, He doeth the works.”

(Closing remarks by the Author)


I wish you health and harmony;
I wish you peace and joy;
I wish you strength and happiness
And wealth without alloy.

I pray the inner grace may shine
Through all you do and say;
And more than all, I pray that Love
May guide you on your way.

– Denver, 1914.

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