Foreword – Studies in Divine Science

I. A Foreword
by Miss Nona L. Brooks

Mrs. C. L. Baum
Studies in Divine Science
The Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, Colo., 4th ed., 1924.


This book is a clear, definite statement of Divine Science as taught at the Colorado College of Divine Science. It will meet a need and find a cordial welcome in many places. If it is carefully studied, and the suggestions given in it are followed faithfully, there cannot fail to be the realization of great benefit by the one who thus earnestly applies himself. The one who reads in this way will have a much more definite grasp of the subject-matter and of its application to daily problems, than will the one who reads more hurriedly. The spiritual unfoldment also, will be attained more certainly if each lesson is thoroughly understood before passing on to the next.

With the sincere wish that all who study may comprehend the truths contained herein, I am,

Yours faithfully,

Minister of The First Divine Science Church,
Denver, Colorado.

June, 1909.

Lesson 1

* * * * *
Studies in Divine Science
Table of Contents

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