Lesson 11 – Supply – Studies in Divine Science


Mrs. C. L. Baum
Studies in Divine Science
The Colorado College of Divine Science
Denver, Colo., 4th ed., 1924.

The basis of all demonstration is Omnipresence. Without constant recognition of this foundation principle it would be impossible to make demonstration in any form, for it is the basis on which we build the entire structure.

In the first lesson many attributes and qualities of Omnipresence were given; but considered especially in its relation to our present subject, Omnipresence means the allness of God, as the fullness of everything that man can conceive of as needed for his complete satisfaction. Man is instinctively dissatisfied to be weak, sick, inharmonious or poor, and yet he has not placed his conception of Divine Mind high enough to prevent the occasional appearance of these negative conditions. He has not realized that the fullness of all good is in himself now and eternally. Since God is omnipresent Life, Health and Substance, it is possible for everyone to so demonstrate the truth that Life will abound in good to a remarkable degree, that perfect Health of body will be realized beyond what it is possible to attain through any other means, and finally, that perfect Substance will be manifested as supply for every need of mankind, no matter what that need is. This is what perfect realization of Omnipresence, as defined above, would mean; for there is but one Substance and but one eternal Source of supply.

Supply operates according to a very simple law – the law of co-operation. It is to be found in circulation and not in accumulation, although the latter has been the basis of many a life-long effort to supply human needs. It is only through co-operation that you can demonstrate supply. The freedom with which you can look at your manifest supply and put it into circulation, with the conscious recognition of the fullness of the omnipresent supply from which to draw, is the law by which great success is attained. Consider supply as moving in a circular channel, with the individual receiving from the stream according as he contributes thereto. Perfect supply would then be passing every point in the circle at all times, and the individual who is co-operating will have perfect supply at his command constantly. It may be conceived that, to the omnipresent Spirit, there is no difference between giving and receiving, and we should endeavor to come to a realizing consciousness of this fact, keeping ourselves in the channel through which circulates constantly the supply for every need of man.

We may illustrate the operation of this law as follows: If you have a consciousness of this Truth which you are studying, the freedom with which you communicate it to others is the law by which you increase your store of truth. The freedom with which you look upon the supply of truth which you already realize, and the readiness with which you give it forth, become the means through which you realize greater truth. Likewise the consciousness of universal Love and the freedom with which you express it and give it to the world, is the law by which you realize more love. Nothing is ever fully realized by you unless you can express it, and the process of expression is the opening of a channel which is not only an outlet but also an inlet for supply. You open the channel by manifesting such knowledge of Truth as you possess, and by that very act you provide an inlet for a greater supply. To withhold what you possess effectually blocks the channel so that perfect supply cannot flow through your life.

This law of divine co-operation is of God; it is not of man’s making. Get it very clearly fixed in your thought that the individual is merely the activity through which God’s supply comes into form for use. You are the channel for the inflow and the outflow. If you do not co-operate with the Source of supply by keeping the channel open there is positively no other means whereby perfect supply can flow through you. The law is one of eternal justice; you must do your part. When the activity of the individual soul ceases to co-operate with divine activity, circulation for that one is stopped.

It is usually fear that stops the outflow. Not knowing the omnipresent supply, and believing your various possessions dependent on your own activity, you fear to give freely of what you have. Perhaps you are recognizing some individual as your source of supply; or it may be that your faith is placed in some special ability which you attribute to your own personality. These things are not true. God is the omnipresent Source of all supply. Nothing belongs to you personally. “You are your own unfailing part of life’s great whole, nor more nor less than any other part of it.” When you recognize that all things whatsoever are of God; that omnipresent Substance is available for every need of mankind; and that you are an agency through which that substance is made tangible for your use, you will both give and receive with perfect freedom.

The individual’s knowledge of this principle brings a recognition within himself that he is a part of, and that he helps to make manifest, the unlimited supply of God. For example, deposits of coal and other minerals existed unknown and unused for ages, but the activity, application and co-operation of the individual brought them into circulation and made manifest the supply for a great need. Similarly with the supply for all other needs, whether spiritual, mental, or so-called material, they may all be satisfied by first coming into a consciousness of the Omnipresence as the unfailing source of substance and supply. Spiritual gifts, wisdom, health, food, shelter, clothing and money, are all from the same source of all Good. This supply is unfolding from the invisible into tangible form for the use of man. Each of us is a channel through which supply in all forms comes into general circulation.

Be careful in applying the law of co-operation – giving that you may receive – that your motives are only the highest. Let the secret analysis of your soul reveal only purity of heart and honesty of purpose. Do not give merely that you may receive. Give in order to open the channel, that the divine abundance may flow through you. Give because it is the law of your being to give; receive because it is the law of your being to receive. It is just as necessary to receive as to give; we need be actuated only by the right motives. Your purpose and aim should be to bear witness to the Truth in this way as in any other.

The secret of any failure to demonstrate supply is the subtle desire to get something for nothing. The law will not operate in that manner. Jesus did not teach that you should wait until you had received before you gave. “Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.” Luke 6:38. Thus it happens that we are often cut off from our supply by unwillingness to do our part. “A pauper is one who has not conscious ability to circulate the things of God.” All supply is from God, and if we fail to circulate the supply of which we are conscious, we become paupers.

If you have a financial problem to meet, place your absolute faith in the omnipresent supply, knowing that it comes from one Source through many channels. Clear the thought and the mentality of anxiety, fear and worry, substituting faith and trust. Steadfastly give your attention to the supreme fact that the Spirit is absolute power and will adjust the condition. Believe in the reality of abundance, for just as long as you believe in the reality of lack you will be subject to your own belief. When you have thus adjusted your thought, begin to co-operate as though you had received, for without co-operation you will not bring supply into manifestation.

The Bible abounds in many references to this law of co-operation. “There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.” Prov. 11:24. If a man hoard grain in his barn and will not scatter it he can receive no increase. “In the morning sow thy seed and in the evening withhold not thine hand.” The first clause of this statement refers to the beginning of your demonstration for supply. It is sowing this mental seed, knowing the allness of the abundance, opening the channel by giving freely of what you have, blessing it as it goes from you. The latter clause refers to receiving the fruit of your good works. The process may be all mental at first, but it will presently be made manifest.

There must be absolute justice in receiving and giving; making adequate recompense for everything that you receive and asking only just acknowledgment from those indebted to you. No merchant could sustain his business if he failed to observe these rules. To give, and refuse to receive, is as unwise as to try to receive without giving; either process stops the channel of supply at one end or the other. In this connection, many have felt that practitioners of Divine healing should give their services free as it is Christ’s work. This is a specious argument, as a little thought will show. We are “many members in one body,” and “all members have not the same office.” We all have “gifts differing according to the grace that is given us.” One who has attained success along any line, has done so through faithful application and at the expense of time and means. No one would expect gratuitous service from such a person or think of withholding reasonable compensation. Jesus told his disciples, when sending them out to do his work, that “the laborer is worthy of his hire.” Mere empty pride actuates that person who wishes always to give, without receiving any compensation therefor; and by compensation we do not necessarily mean money, for there are many other ways of rendering adequate return. You are depriving anyone of his very means of demonstrating supply if you positively decline to allow him to give something in return for what he has received. Such a process makes paupers instead of individuals who recognize the true Source of all things.

Now this law of supply which we have been considering applies not only to the things of this world, but to the qualities of the individual consciousness. Growth in love and knowledge, and realization of joy, peace and health, result from recognizing and living in accordance with it. Use the talents which have been given you in order that they may increase, and that you may thereby add to the world’s supply of all good. Open every channel and withhold nothing; for “with such measure as ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.” Remember always that the law of supply is based upon circulation and not upon accumulation.


I am connected with the unlimited law of supply.
Through Divine Love and loving co-operation do I receive my supply.
God’s gift in me is eternal Life.
I am purified from fear.
I am a channel of Divine Abundance.
I am one with the unlimited power of God.
Within my own being is the power to meet every demand.
I give freely and thereby open the channel to receive the Divine Abundance.


Pour forth the oil – pour boldly forth;
It will not fail until
Thou failest vessels to provide,
Which it will largely fill.

Make channels for the streams of love,
Where they may broadly run;
And love has ever-flowing streams
To fill them every one.

But if at any time we cease
Such channels to provide,
The very founts of love for us
Will soon be parched and dried.

For we must share if we would keep
That blessing from above;
Ceasing to give, we cease to have;
Such is the law of love.

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