Murray Course in Divine Science Welcome Letter

Church of the Healing Christ
Waldorf-Astoria, New York

Dear Friend,

It is necessary that we ask you, in beginning the study of the Science we are about to present to you, that you should come to it with an open mind. We have no means of knowing what your convictions are on the subject of religion, what belief you may have as to a Supreme Being, or what your conception may be about the Universe and the world in which you live. But you have come to us for what we teach, and we ask you to approach the study with sincerity and earnestness. Our teachings may, and probably will, conflict with preconceived opinions of your own, and there will be times when your mind may refuse to follow the thought we give you. But we would like to have you, in all fairness, attend closely to what we have to offer you, laying aside all disposition to contend as to differences, and all prejudices that naturally exist in a discussion of Truth as to life, being, mind, substance, spirit, good, evil, God and creature, the better to enable your mind to receive and digest what we put before it.

No one learns much by resolutely standing on one belief and refusing attention to any other. This is narrowness. The great ones of the world are those who sought to learn from all men and from all books worthy of credence or serious consideration and who consequently broadened out to such a degree that they secured the universal outlook. He who will learn most will be the one who most opens his mind; who at all times is most open to Truth. Whatever your belief may be, whether you are an Agnostic, a Catholic, a Protestant or a Jew, these lessons will benefit you, since their purpose is not to rob you of anything you have but to expand your knowledge and widen your view. Whatever your present thought-system may be, it is responsible for your present condition and if you desire to change the latter you must necessarily give earnest consideration to a new system of thinking that will do it for you.


W. John Murray

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