Lesson 1 – Short Lessons in Divine Science – The Fundamental Teaching of Divine Science

Lesson 1

Nona L. Brooks
Short Lessons in Divine Science
© 1940 by Nona Brooks
Divine Science Federation International
Denver, 6th ed., 1973

Purpose: To give the student a simple and definite statement of the Principle upon which all Divine Science reasoning and every conclusion is based.

[5] This lesson deals with Omnipresence, our basic teaching in Divine Science, and gives our reasons for believing in this Supreme Truth of the Universe. Divine Science lays its greatest emphasis upon Omnipresence. It is vital that the student should have this fundamental truth thoroughly grounded in thought before he proceeds to consider the further unfoldment of this system of teaching.

Knowledge of Omnipresence is necessary if one is to realize his God-given power.

Omnipresence! I hope that you will get a great deal of meaning out of this word, and that you will come to love it as I do. Moreover, I hope that what it suggests will come to be the very Guiding Power of your life.

Omnipresence! The many in the One and the One in the many; the All-Knowing, All Powerful One.

All forms and forces are the expressions of Omnipresent, Intelligent Substance. There is just one Creator.

He who is religiously inclined, clothes this Supreme Truth in religious phraseology, and [6] speaks of the All-Inclusive One as God. The scientifically inclined thinker will speak of the Infinite and Eternal Energy, the Cosmic Intelligence, from which all things proceed; while the philosopher will delight in the transcendent and immanent One.

Be certain that the idea–there is One and only One in all the universe–is clear to you, whatever form in language the thought may take.

“All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body nature is, and God the Soul.”

Spirit, Living Substance, God, is everywhere, and there is no other substance. Mind, the Infinite Intelligence of God, is everywhere, and there is no other intelligence.

Hence, we live in a Universe of God-Substance and God-Thought. To one who sees this, there comes the fulfilment of the prophecy of the new heaven and the new earth.

Divine Science did not accept lightly its doctrine of Omnipresence; and the years of teaching and demonstrating this Principle have proved its certainty.

Here are some of the reasons that have led us to accept Omnipresence as Truth:

The great spiritual seers of every age have believed it.

The Bible gives the same thought in many different ways.

Poets have sung it, and philosophers have used it as the basis of their philosophical systems.

Nature in her infinite variety of expressions proves Omnipresent Intelligence and Activity.

[7] Jesus teaches it at every point.

It is interesting to see that even the natural scientists have discovered the same truth, and while some of them might reject the thought, when given in terms other than their own, nevertheless they are expressing the same idea very definitely. They affirm one substance in place of the many once proclaimed; they find one intelligence working everywhere, with one purpose, to one end. Therefore, unity has become a principle of natural science.

Again, the concept of Omnipresence is satisfying to the one who goes back of externals, and grasps the reality of things. It gives a principle of interpretation. It opens up new fields of research. It is a continuous delight mentally and spiritually.

When we accept Omnipresence as a working hypothesis; that is, when we assume Omnipresence to be Truth and live as if it were Truth, we find that our Principle works. It is applicable to all of our experiences and problems. We find healing, happiness, power, and success for ourselves and others, through the application of this Truth, that is, through the practice of the Presence of God.

The highest reason for the acceptance of Omnipresence is that when one has truly laid hold of the God-Consciousness, he knows that the One Presence is All.

First, then, in the attainment of power is the acceptance of this Basis, the Omnipresence, as the Truth of the Universe.

[8] Or, if we cannot do this honestly, let us assume it as a working basis, in order that we may have the opportunity of proving for ourselves its truth. We who accept fully shall get easier and quicker results. We who assume this hypothesis shall, in time, discover for ourselves. We shall grow and shall finally be assured.

The reader is urged to make the contents of this chapter his own through study and practice, that he may be prepared to understand the next and to get full benefit from it. The following suggestions are given for daily practice for a week.

Think on the great Truth of Omnipresence in some such way as this–

Omnipresence is Truth.

This means that:

God includes me now.

God-Love is caring for me now.

God-Wisdom is guiding me now, in this problem.

God-Abundance is supplying my present need.

I can trust this Power and must not fear.

I am thankful for the Truth that makes me free.

These affirmations may be applied to others whom you wish to help.

Live faithfully by these truths, and you will find yourself unfolding into the realization of Power.

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