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Thanks for visiting our website!  Harmony Light Ministry provides New Thought information, denomination education, and a full free online archive of books and lessons.  New Thought is reaching out to people all over the world, providing them with peace and the promise of a happier, more fulfilling life.  No matter what stage of the life journey you’re in, New Thought can dramatically change your life for the better.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of New Thought?  You’re not alone!  New Thought is a comparatively small movement, which stemmed from the metaphysical teachings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and the American Transcendentalist movement.  Transcendental philosophers such as Amos Bronson Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau influenced the rise of New Thought, and their immortal writings are still widely read and cherished by people of all beliefs.

New Thought spiritual centers go by many names, including Unity Church (or Unity School of Christianity), Religious Science (or United Centers for Spiritual Living), Divine Science, and the Universal Foundation for Better Living, as well as many non-affiliated churches or spiritual centers which present New Thought teachings.  So what does New Thought teach?  Read below for the basic tenets of the New Thought system.  New Thought churches are known to be non-judgmental, open congregations, making everyone feel special, welcome and loved.  Also, read Lessons In Truth and other New Thought writings in our online archives for more.

Declaration of Principles

Taken directly from the International New Thought Alliance, these are the Declaration of Principles of New Thought:

1. We affirm God as Mind, Infinite Being, Spirit, Ultimate Reality.

2. We affirm that God, the Good, is supreme, universal, and everlasting.

3. We affirm the unity of God and humanity, in that the divine nature dwells within and expresses through each of us, by means of our acceptance of it, as health, supply, wisdom, love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.

4. We affirm the power of prayer and the capacity of each person to have mystical experience with God, and to enjoy the grace of God.

5. We affirm the freedom of all persons as to beliefs, and we honor the diversity of humanity by being open and affirming of all persons, affirming the dignity of human beings as founded on the presence of God within them, and, therefore, the principle of democracy.

6. We affirm that we are all spiritual beings, dwelling in a spiritual universe that is governed by spiritual law, and that in alignment with spiritual law, we can heal, prosper, and harmonize.

7. We affirm that our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living.

8. We affirm the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven here and now.

9. We affirm expression of the highest spiritual principle in loving one another unconditionally, promoting the highest good for all, teaching and healing one another, ministering to one another, and living together in peace, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened teachers.

10. We affirm our evolving awareness of the nature of reality and our willingness to refine our beliefs accordingly.

What this means

As you can tell from these principles, we in New Thought affirm the supreme Goodness of God, acknowledging the presence of God in all things, including humanity.  We believe that when Jesus spoke in Luke 17:21, he literally affirmed “the kingdom of God is within you”.  We strive to experience this Kingdom daily through meditations and a constant realization of the perfect Divinity of God manifest in man.  We do not need a church or a place of worship to do this, but find company in friends “where two or more are gathered”, where we can recognize each other as fellow creations of the Divine and share our love.