New Thought Churches and Education

Why visit a New Thought church?

Many people wonder, in our enlightened day and age, why should we have need for a church?  The Truth, in fact, lives within our selves and is available at any time for our experience.  It is true, then, that we do not need churches or spiritual centers to enjoy Truth.  However, there are some fundamental things a good New Thought church brings to our table, making attending one worthy of our consideration.

First, a good New Thought church encourages our progress in Truth.  The ministers, and class teachers, further our spiritual knowledge by helping us expand our consciousness and awareness.   They cannot give enlightenment or peace to us, but can teach us to find it for ourselves.  They offer workshops and lead us through guided meditations.  Second, a good New Thought church provides a loving spiritual family.  Webster defines family as “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation, fellowship”.  A spiritual family is available to share with, grow with, and love.  After all, New Thought churches are known as “Love based churches”!  Third, a good New Thought church provides us a place to serve and give.  To express the Christ presence, and be like Jesus, we need to be a servant at some time.  A church allows us the privilege to be kind to others and do good for others.

Below you will find links to all the directories for the various denominations, as well as New Thought schools.

Established 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

Unity church directory:

Religious Science / Centers for Spiritual Living
Established 1927 by Ernest Holmes

The United Centers for Spiritual Living’s directory:

Divine Science
Established 1887 by Malinda E. Cramer, and later Nona Brooks, with sisters Mrs. Small and Fannie Brooks James

The Divine Science Federation membership list:

Universal Foundation for Better Living
Established 1974 by Johnnie Colemon
The Universal Foundation for Better Living’s church directory:

Established 1930 by Masaharu Taniguchi
Seicho-No-Ie, Truth of Life Churches:

All New Thought
Smaller denominations, independent New Thought churches, spiritual centers, etc.

Find The Church directory, includes most New Thought churches and centers by location:

Educational Resources

Increase your knowledge of Truth- Schools and institutions for New Thought

Become a New Thought Minister

The Divine Science School, from the Church of the Healing Christ:

Brooks Center for Spirituality

Unity School of Christianity classes, in person and distance:

The Emmet Fox Golden Key study course:

The University of Metaphysics:

The University of Metaphysical Sciences:

The United Divine Science Ministerial School: